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Big Clucker
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Default Weird thingy.

Hello Sampians! I'm here because of a weird thingy on my sa-mp client.

I saw 2 players on server with name "[AQO]Gsrgr55 & "[VIZ]Boskc98" on a server but only on SA-MP client bar. When I join the server then I see that there's no player playing with that name, how's that possible? And that server is roleplay so tags, numbers, non-rp name arent allowed, how they are not kicked, they are in appearing in my sa-mp client tab but why not in-game, server isn't using any bots because I know the server. Here are some proofs!

Images link:

Note: I didn't used any kinds of edit to lie & removed the server names/links/or related to it becuase it will be advertised.

I apologize if I posted in wrong section.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Weird thingy.

possibly bots
And yet people will still start new threads for the "dying" subject.-Almost everyone on my samp's "dying" thread.
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Default Re: Weird thingy.

There are some servers too where lag won't let you see them or possibly they're bots.
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