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Default Re: Shoebill 1.1 - SA-MP Java Development Kit

Originally Posted by Tronix View Post
Hi, very nice thing. I am wondering about come back to developing sa-mp gamemode and using this would be awesome. I have one question - what is happening if new sa-mp is released and for example you don't have time to update plugin. Is shoebill for 0.3.7 R2 will work with new SA-MP 0.3.8? And what with using plugins such as AudioPlugin, ColAndreas and others?
If there are significant changes like adding new functions or other things, you can manually edit the API or ShoebillPlugin easily on your own.
So you just need to make some modifications in adding the needed functions, if this plugin won't be updated.

Plugins like ColAndreas can used everytime. 123marvin123 provided an plugin-wrapper that helps you to create plugin wrapper on you own very simple. You just need to run it with Python and it will generate a Java plugin that supports Java-Syntax to call Plugin Functions e.g. of ColAndreas.
If you wanna test this, try the FCNPC-Wrapper (i believe it is not up-to-date).
The streamer-wrapper was updated yesterday. It's also a wrapper for the icognito streamer plugin. Feel free to test it.
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