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Default Re: Discord Connector

Originally Posted by mishazver View Post
Will be support for the Russian language?
What kind of support? You already can send russian text, as long as it's encoded in UTF8.

EDIT: Just now noticed your attachment.
Discord sends UTF8-encoded text, so you'll have to re-encode it in a character set that supports displaying cyrillic characters on the client side.

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Default Re: Discord Connector

Is this stable for now?
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Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
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Default Re: Discord Connector


im getting an error on line 245

C:\Users\PC1\Desktop\SAMP\GM\filterscripts\CZMG Discord.pwn(245) : error 035: argument type mismatch (argument 1)

DC_CMD:dco(user, args)
	new msg[50];
	new formatter[1337];
	new user_name[32 + 1];
Line 245	if (!DCC_GetUserName(user, user_name))
		return 0; // invalid user

    if(sscanf(args, "s[50]", msg)) return SendDC(CHANNEL_ID, "[SYNTAX] /dco <Message> [Maximum 100 InputText]");
	format(formatter,sizeof(formatter),"{FFFFFF}(( {324061}%s: {FFFFFF} %s ))",user_name, msg);
	SendClientMessageToAll(-1, formatter);
	SendDC(CHANNEL_ID, "MESSAGE SENT IN-GAME: (( %s: %s ))");
    return 1;
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