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Big Clucker
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Default Entering & Exiting vehicle states

Another post from me guys - this is separate to what I wrote about the objects disappearing when I exit a vehicle.
I decided to log what states the player goes into when entering and exiting a vehicle

When entering the vehicle it showed:
[17:43:06] Marcus_Williams changed state to 2 from 1
[17:43:09] Marcus_Williams changed state to 8 from 1

When exiting the vehicle it showed:
[17:43:09] Marcus_Williams changed state to 1 from 2
[17:43:10] Marcus_Williams changed state to 1 from 8

I need a second opinion on this because I find it really strange that the breakdown is like this


Is this normal? I thought I was already spawned when these logs showed up
[17:40:55] [join] Marcus_Williams has joined the server
[17:41:00] Marcus_Williams changed state to 9 from 0
[17:41:03] Marcus_Williams changed state to 8 from 9
[17:41:03] Marcus_Williams changed state to 1 from 8
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Default Re: Entering & Exiting vehicle states

[17:43:06] Marcus_Williams changed state to 2 from 1
1 PLAYER_STATE_ONFOOT Player is on foot
2 PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER Player is the driver of a vehicle
So, what your log is saying, is when the player entered the vehicle, it changed TO player_state_driver FROM player_state_onfoot. What's wrong with that?
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