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Default [Roleplay] United States Roleplay

We welcome you to our ultra new server called
United States Roleplay. US-RP is as said a roleplay
server where the community stands out of the
Community Owner Luicy, Community Directors Henrik
and Mixalis. The server is using a gamemode from the
released all though the owner Luicy has, and are making
huge changes to the gamemode every day, but only
published each week for the weekly revision change. The
server has a very low playerbase as any other new server
would have. Therefor the staffs are required to be online
a said time as a minium and not be tabbed in order to
keep the server active.

Originally Posted by Luicy from.. *SERVER FORUM*
Hello there! My name is Luicy, and I'm gladly to welcome you all in to United States Roleplay. We're a brand new community server based on heavy roleplay using a gamemode which where I have been editing alot. Now, I'm aware of most of the bugs as they're beeing fixed constantly. But that doesn't forbidden us to open the server, does it? Haha. The community is ran by the Community Directors, Henrik and Mixalis while the Owner (i) Luicy, work mostly on the server. In order to not make anything unfair of beeing Directors or even Owners, I've decided to make every faction, free from admin chefs. Meaning every chief/director of a faction must be ran by a normal player/helper. So there for, we're looking for leader to the LSPD, LSFMD, and News agency. These are the only factions I have decided to have open from the start as I feel factions such as FBI, Government, CIA, Army and so on isn't needed for a small playerbase as we start off. If you would like to lead one of the factions which are open, feel free to contact any high admin and talk about it. As a new server mostly do, is hire new staff immediately.. But we don't. We feel that having three high admins are enough for a new server to not flood the server with all online beeing admins. This same rules for the helper team, all though we will allow some experienced people to join the team in order to keep the new players as welcomn as possible. Let's move over to the script, yet again. The script is really buggy indeed and do contain lots of grammar mistakes made by the original author. I try to fix the most out of them when ever I see, but sometimes you just simply forget to do it while you're up in something, so I would appreciate it if you contact me when you find a grammar mistake.

Yet again, welcome to the community who ever you are! We're glad to have you here!

Update for those who can't use common sense:
Originally Posted by Someone who cannot use common sense
lol you're the fake US-RP you'll fail. Next time don't copy someones work, i will make sure
to let everyone know you guys are "fake" & full of shit.
Stupid nabs
Originally Posted by Luicy's profile page
Oh wow? I didn't know that someone could copyright a fucking name? I never fucking stated we're the eh.. first United State Roleplay? Fucking use common sense please.

Last edited by Luicy.; 09/03/2017 at 01:50 PM.
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