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Default West Coast Roleplay

A Great Community!

West Coast Roleplay has had many great owners and developers over the years, but has kept stable and offered the players an unforgettable experience for 9 years! We pride ourselves in your happiness! Our staff work 24/7 to make your gaming experience 100%. So, if you're looking for a server which never grows old on you, and constantly updates with new and exciting features - this is the place for you. If you want a server which you can enjoy, find new friends, and generally just have a kick-ass time... Then you have come to the right place.

West Coast has one of the best communities there is. At West Coast, we don't have players. We have friends. Friends of the community, and friends of each other. At West Coast Roleplay you can enjoy a server which is open 24/7 - 365 days without long interruptions. Our goal is to never bore our players. There should always be something to do here at WC-RP. We add more exciting jobs. We make new ways of getting stuff, and we make new ways to entertain you.

Quotes from fellow West Coast Roleplay Players:

Paul says: "I have joined the WC-RP server in 2015. Throughout my time with the server I have met different groups of people I could spend some time with and give a good go to RP with them which then I have enjoyed, the people are brilliant and nice, there is always someone to play with.

I have found that the scripting on the server was done with a high standard as there were not many bugs, If there were any they were fixed ASAP. The server is NOT one of them which you randomly loose connection with or the server fails to load and the server is off till the owners come online. Saying shortly the machine which the server is standing on is very good.

Administrator team is very helpful as if there are any problems you have them sorted out within a couple of minutes if admins are online. They have implemented a ticket system since 2015 and it works really well! They always say hello and they always ask you if there is anything else that they can help you with, again not much to say good bit of work."
Mustache says: "I play westcoast roleplay because I really like the friendly community. I really like how the management invests a lot of hard work in the server. As the community grows, the server becomes more fun!"
Foxy says: "West Coast Roleplay is my first roleplay server. I've played here for almost 4 years now, and I can say my experience has been very wild. I worked my way into character development on multiple characters. I've had a lot of fun here, and I'm glad to still be a part of it. If you come here, I'm sure you'll enjoy the roleplay experience, especially with older players. Join us! "
Echoes says: "I had heard of RP servers on SAMP, but I could never get into them. Until a friend of mine brought me onto a server she played on in the past. I had no knowledge of RPing whatsoever. She taught me the ropes, and after about a month or so, I got addicted. The staff members are always friendly. They're always willing to help new players. Come join us on West Coast Roleplay!"
Patrick says: "SA-MP RP is a type of gameplay I enjoy more than other games. I had experienced many servers after godfather died. I was looking for a loyal player-base and a script ready for the future. After crossing many servers I came here, and this was the place for me. I had ups and downs here, but the server has potential. A loyal community keeps it alive and doing their best to keep it fun. You can get into the weirdest situations but enjoyable as long as the RP flows!
All together: It's an amazing experience the players can create. If you like to play SA-MP RP in your free hours, then you should give this a try!"
Join The Ultimate And Irreplaceable Experience Now!

Join West Coast Roleplay today, and never be bored of RP again! Once you're bitten by the WC-RP addiction, you will never have to look for new servers again.
There are multiple players waiting to make your experience great!

West Coast Roleplay Server!
West Coast Roleplay Teamspeak!
West Coast Roleplay Website!
Los Santos Police Department!
West Coast Roleplay Tickets System
West Coast Roleplay © 2008-2017


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