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What is Complex Roleplay and where did it originate from?

Complex Roleplay was originally started by Aurora and Codac back in late 2013, Codac and Aurora decided that they no longer wanted to sustain the project so I quickly jumped in and took over Complex Roleplay (Fanta) where I've had massive success ever since 2014, I've taken this server to bright and dark places and well I'm wanting to bring us back to our old glorly from when we had 70 playerbase when we shut down last summer, Complex Roleplay is highly Dynamic and we work our best with our players to here what they have to say to ensure the ultimate roleplay environment for our players to come on and have an enjoyable time roleplaying on our Complex community.

We are a Heavy Roleplay server.

What can I do on the server?

Complex Roleplay has many things to do and to offer, some of which including starting a career!

There are so many jobs that you can choose from to start your career.

•Garbage Job

- You can make up to $800 a paycheck while accumulating player hours while also cleaning up the streets of Los Santos

- You have a Complex and dynamic roleplay with other players while also sustaining your own roleplay as a Garbageman


- You can buy your own private tow truck and repair other players vehicles. All privately owned vehicles save damages such as the bodywork, engine health, tires etc. and mechanics are required to fix them.

- Mechanics will earn money every hour on the hour in case of the fact that you can't find any customers.

- Mechanics will be required to help apply modifications to cars such as rims, spoilers, paint jobs etc.


- You can buy your own private trucking vehicle and take cargo across the city in dynamic locations. Nobody likes driving from A to B so you can select your journeys yourself whenever you like at any trucker storage point.

- Trucking vehicles have different storage capacities and you can load crates into the back with visible objects.

- You can take raw materials such as Paper and deliver it to a manufacturing company who will use the paper to create Cigarettes.

- You can take the end products and sell them to a business or sell them to the depot in Willowfield who will always demand Truckers to deliver cargo.

What other jobs do you have to offer?

Well I'm not going to give you a sneak peak but you're always welcome to come in game and see for yourself what all we have to offer.

Do you have custom mapping?

Complex Roleplay always uses unique interiors custom mapped in-game with our mapping and textures system.

We can create maps inside and outside interiors and create unique objects such as graffiti, garbage for bad neighborhoods, custom textured objects to make cool wall papers, etc. We here try to avoid completely remapping GTA:SA but we do have some noticeable differences in our mappings. We did this to make sure that our server can be held up to par with a modern aspect.

What factions does the server have?

• Los Santos Police Department

• San Andreas Sheriffs Department

• San Andreas Fire & Medical Department

• Department of Corrections

• Los Santos Government

Keep in mind depending on the playerbase is whether or not certain factions will be open to the players.

The server has a dynamic faction system with a fully manageable system for faction leaders to customize just about everything in their factions.

We are looking to create new official factions for dedicated players who can demonstrate exceptional roleplaying abilities and dedication to the rules.

(*) How can I get involved with legal factions?
Well Complex Roleplay the main legal faction would be the Los Santos Police Department and you can apply for the Academy at where you'll have a chance to become a Police Officer.

Do you have a furniture system?

We have a furniture system for privately owned houses / apartments that will allow you to customize and textures objects in your very own unique way, just how you like it!

All houses are created with an empty interior for you to customize however you see fit! You can also make objects on the exterior of your house to be able to have a more realistic roleplay experience outside aswell. If you're in a faction and it's on a porch a lot, you can add chairs outside to make it better for RP!

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