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Default United Streets Roleplay | Unique | Real Economy | New | Realistic features |

(Pre launch testing)

United streets roleplay as a community was started by John and Petrenko(not russian).They knew each other for long and decided to lauch a community based on their experience in scripting as well as administration.The script is based on medium roleplay with real life features such as jobs, economy and such.The community also plans to expand to other gamemodes in the near future and will take steps towards progress as it deems necessary.The community uses Discord as a means of communication and plans upon adding IRC chat in the upcoming updates.Our motto-"United we stand" as it explains that we all will remain united whatever the circumstances maybe.

Teaser - United Streets Roleplay

• Backpack system
• Inventory system
• Dynamic Business
• Dynamic Houses
• Dynamic Doors
• Garbage dumps/trash can system
• Realistic Economy
• Realistic Features
• Custom Mappings
• Much more...

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

We hope you'll have fun and enjoy our community to the fullest.

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