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Default Mysql Explode Function

What is this xD
PHP Code:
explode(const sSource[], aExplode[][], const sDelimiter[] = " "iVertices sizeof aExplodeiLength sizeof aExplode[]) // Created by Westie
iPrevious = -1,
iDelimiter strlen(sDelimiter);

iNode iVertices)
iPointer strfind(sSourcesDelimiterfalseiPointer);

iPointer == -1)
strmid(aExplode[iNode], sSourceiPreviousstrlen(sSource), iLength);
strmid(aExplode[iNode], sSourceiPreviousiPointeriLength);

iPrevious = (iPointer += iDelimiter);

Originally Posted by Human
When im met u, u were nub at scripting xD.

But now, i'm impressed. Good job.
Don't look at my history. Everyone started somewhere
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Default Re: Mysql Explode Function

First of all, this has nothing to do with 0.3.7.

This function splits a string by another string. For example if you have a string:
string = "Hey, this is a string"

And use that function on it like so:
new output[6][16];
explode(string, output, " ");

Will result in the array "output" values being:
for(new i = 0; i < sizeof(output); i++)
// Will print:
// Hey, 
// this
// is
// a
// string
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