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Default xTreme Stunt Evolution

Hello everybody, xTreme Stunt Evolution/xSE Server is a SA-MP community with a lot of unique features.We are using xsf source but we changed many things like maps,commands,deathmatches,vip system much more we edited and added new stuffs. We started this project just before 3 months and come up with this server.We have Stunt, Deathmatches, Team Deadthmatches, Races, Parkours, etc. We have arcade games such as Money Bag Hunt and Cookie Jar Hunt. Other games like Reaction Tests and Maths Test. We have friendly and helpful Staff. Join Us!!!
Server currently running on Build 6.1 (Updated version of Build 6)

Music System (Admin :Playsongforall included)
Register And Login System (with Login Textdraw and Login music)
Admin system (upto 5 levels)
Killing Spree System
Minigames Tons of Minigames (/dms)
Moneybag system
CookieJar System
Gang System with Gang Wars and capture zones
VIP System (upto 3 levels)
Afk System with /afk and /back cmds
CNR Cops and Robbers.
PM System
Anti-Driveby on spawns System
Anti-cheat System
Help Menu and CMD
House System
Business System
Personal Vehicle/Ownership System
Helper System
User Control Panel in website(UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
Radio System (xSE Official Radio included)

and Much more more amazing features!

IP :



Enjoy Your Stay in our server and Party hard!

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