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Big Clucker
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Default Dreamy Gaming - Call of Duty Xtreme Warfare

We started our community in the November of 2016 with an objective of providing the most joyful playing experience for the members of SA-MP community. Here we are, flourishing and growing everyday with the same objective.
Our objective will remain the same forever as we are here to define the original meaning of fun.

Last but not least, we are a community which has gone through one hell of experiences. We are very proud of our loyal staff team, and personally my SA-MP friends, who made the survival of this community possible. We will continue to strive to become better day by day to make COD TDM gaming an enjoyable experience for you.

-6 teams
-11 classes that includes 3 unique classes which have never been played before (find out in server)
-An automatic event system that starts a deathmatchq event every 30 minutes (no need to wait for any admins)
-A different system of airstrikes. They are rewarded on killing sprees
-A unique RC XD system which are tiny operable planes planted with 30 second time bombs
-Extremely friendly and hardworking staff team
-Staff team recruitment is ALWAYS open as long as you are worthy of being in it so you always have a chance to become one of our staff members
-Prototype system to keep you busy and earn you some quick score and cash
-3 minigames (sniper, deagle and chainsaw) to entertain you if you get bored
-Faction system (special teams possessing special benefits)
-A complete clan system with awesome features
-A VIP system with rich commands and insane benefits that puts you above everyone, even the admins and EVEN THE OWNER! YES CRAZY!
-Daily events hosted by our witty staff team
-A top system which displays the best and the worst players on the basis of score, death, kills and cash.
-A completely bugless gamemode developed from scratch!

Well, our owner has spent her entire life in the gaming world! She is a student of Psychology, a programmer and an intense gamer. She's not like anyone else who makes a server and then never come online. No no, we believe that our community is our family and our players are our family members who need time with us! Hence, we're all always online. Yes, I am also always online!

In addition, the experience you'll have at our server will be so pleasurable that you'll genuinely start enjoying SA-MP again. If you don't have good friends, you'll find lifelong friends at our community. So what are you waiting for?

Fun, skills, friends, new people and amazing features are desperate to meet you!

Server IP:
Server location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hosted Tab: Yes
Version: 0.3.7 R-2
Server Build Version: 2.0.0
State: Online


Recruiting administrators and community department leaders (Department of Staff, Media & Designing)

With Hosted Tab, located in Amsterdam, Holland.

Join now @ or visit us @
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