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Default Fire in the vehicle does not explode

Sorry my bad english, ****** translate ;-;

The vehicle starts to catch fire, wait a little and get out of the vehicle and go back in

fire > time > exit vehicle > enter vehicle > Message error(Vehicle does not explode anymore I die)

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Default Re: Fire in the vehicle does not explode

DUDE guy, nice to have reported,
I do not know if it will be natively fixed from the samp,
But many should have tidied up on the server itself, just like me!
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Default Re: Fire in the vehicle does not explode

This is an sync problem, maybe related to your GM, since I couldn't reproduce it.

Anyways, I think the vehicle is exploded for other clients and also on server-side, do some checks with OnVehicleDeath callback.

Also do this test again using some clean gm like freeroam.
Just a random guy
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