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Default Project New Dawn (All-In-One server)


New Dawn was created back in July 2011 by HeHu and 3ventic, the server was up for 4 years, until August 2015 and then closed!

But as they say "Criminals always return to the scene of the crime." and New Dawn is back in action, now being lead by Fruity and HeHu!

What is New Dawn?

New Dawn is a multi-mode server created to satisfy every player's desires, ranging from simple stunting, to crazy stunting, to reckless car demolition, to weaponry and much more!
New Dawn is one of the very few servers having many different gamemodes in one and only server!
But by bringing other games, like MTA's unique gamemodes into SAMP, it becomes even more unique and enjoyable!

Yea, nice to know about that but what are those gamemodes?

Don't worry we will tell you everything you need to know about the current 7 gamemodes present in our server!

Here are they:

Basejump [BJ]

Basejump is a skydiving gamemode, the main objective is to reach the end of the map without dying, passing through many different obstacles! When many players reach the end of the map, every player will be given weapons to fight for the number #1 spot!

Bio-Hazard [BH]

Bio-Hazard also known as "Zombie Mode" is very known by everyone, a random player is infected at the very beginning of the round, his objective as a zombie is to infect the survivors before the end, in the opposite case the main objective for survivors is to survive the zombie attack until the end!

Race DM [DM]

Race DeathMatch is a MTA very own gamemode, it's objective is to drive until the end of the map, without failing and grab the hunter at the end, when you've finished the map, if there is any other player alive, your objective is now to kill them with your hunter!

This mode contains maps ranging from normal maps where your skills are put to the test, to almost impossible maps where your skills are pushed to the limits! You have a very very large amount of maps to chose and play!

Derby [DD]

Derby, the objective in this mode is very simple, all you have to do is destroy the other players' vehicles or push them out of the map/into the water and be the last one alive to win the round!

Easy DM [EDM]

Easy DeathMatch is exactly the same concept as Race DM, but it's way easier!

Hunger Games [HG]

Hunger Games mode! Inspired from the movie, in this mode your objective is to kill every other player in the map! You'll spawn with nothing, no weapons, no food, no drinks, nothing. You must find weapons to kill the other players, gadgets and protections to survive and food and drinks in order to stay alive and win! You lose if you get killed or die of thirst or hunger!

Let the games begin, and may the odds be in your favor!

Stunt / Freeroam [ST]

Stunt, the easiest gamemode in our server, why? Because there's no objective, you're free to do whatever you want, you can spawn weapons and vehicles using our commands, drive around the map, have fun with your friends, stunt and plenty of other cool stuff!

Looks nice but, do you have any good video, to show us what is looks like?

Ask and you shall receive!

All of this looks really cool and nice, I really want to join!

That's amazing, here you have all of the information you need to join us:

IP: (Hosted-Tab)

Our server also has a TeamSpeak and Discord server to make playing more enjoyable!

Forums + UCP: /

Find out more about the server in our forums, like special VIP features, events soon to come and much more!

Hope to see you soon there!
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