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Default TeamDSS

Team DSS is a small SA:MP community formed in 2015. Team DSS implies on creating a good environment
for playing and for communication. We have two servers on hosted tab; Call Of Duty - Warground and Universal Trucking.

Channels: #utrucking and #codwg

This is a Team DeathMatch server. You can act as a soldier to fight against your team's enemies. There are several teams available for which you can choose to play on, along with classes that have its own abilities of which you can choose upon reaching the required rank to choose a specfic class. You can do certain tasks to earn score, and money such as capturing zones, stealing zone flags, and many more tasks.


America, Australia, Russia, Europe, Asia, Arabia, Terrorist, Mercenary



There are many zones available for capture in the desert area. The zone capture time and score it gives depends on how big the zone is. Small zone gives less amount of score/money and can be captured faster whereas, big zones take more time to capture but gives more rewards.


Each zone have its own flag. You can steal the flag from the zone then deliver it to your team's home base to receive the reward. The reward also depends on the size of the zone the flag is taken from. There is a bonus reward system for players that stops other player from stealing the zone's flag aka, killing them before they reach their base to drop the flag.


This feature allows the Demolisher class from the Terrorist team to collapse the bridges by planting bombs. Once the bridge has bee collapsed, player that planted the bombs will be rewarded. Players from other team are able to repair the collapsed bridge. The team must have the bridge's zone captured in order to repair. Every class can repair the bridge but Engineer can repair 2x faster than normal classes.


There is an Andromada at the Las Venturas airport which can be used to drop bombs at enemy team's base. The dropped bomb kills every enemy players that are in the targeted base. The player that drops the bombs will be rewarded with the amount of players they kill. This plane takes sometimes to be fully charged once used.


From the Radio Station, after capturing, one team can hack or damage other team's radio. When the radio of the targeted team has been hacked, the team that hacks the radio will be able to see the radio message of the hacked team. When the radio is damaged, the affected team won't be able to use the radio command. Both of these features effect lasts for 5 minutes.


This is a toxic bomb that decreases 50% of health from all enemy players upon launching. Means, players that have less than 50% health will die if you are lucky enough. You will be rewarded with the amount of kills depending on the number of players that died.

Server trailer:


This is a roleplay-like server. You can act as a trucker to deliver goods from one place to another. There are other classes available which has its own abilities. Such as, Police, Pilot, Boatworker and many more classes. The job you complete will reward you with certain amount of score, money and XP. You can also buy properties such as, house, business to collect reward and vehicles.


Trucker class

In this class, you represent a trucker. The main goal of this class is to deliver goods from one place to another. You can start working on your own or with friends in a convoy.

Boatworker class

In this class, you represent a captain that has to deliver products from one place to another through the rivers of San Andreas.

Pizza boy class

In this class, you represent a pizza delivery boy. You start at the pizzeria, then your task is to deliver those pizza's to players houses.

Pilot class

In this class, you represent yourself as a pilot, this class is similar to trucker but you can transport both passengers and cargo from one airport to another.

Police class

In this class you represent a law enforcement officer that goes on their regular patrol to make sure players are not driving to fast.

House system

There are houses available all over San Andreas which you can purchase. Each house has a specific vehicle slot. For example Shack can hold only 1 vehicle whereas Mansion can hold 12. There are up to 12 types of houses available.

Business system

The business system allows you to get earnings while you are offline. There are many types of business that you can buy which gives specific amount of earning per hour.

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