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Old 11/02/2017, 04:16 PM   #11481
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

In need of a scripter for a project.
Don't want to give out too much information here.
PM me if you are interested.

Make modifications to an existing gamemode.

- Will be paid through paypal.
- Click HERE to subscribe to my youtube channel.
- Check out my clan HERE
- Need help with SetObjectMaterial? Click HERE
- Need help using Jernejl's map editor? Click HERE
for a tutorial showing the basics.
- Click HERE to see my releases.
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Old 11/02/2017, 07:17 PM   #11482
Little Clucker
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Hello guys, Me and my friends is going to have CnR hosted tab server, and we want a pro Scripter to fix us professional bugs and to make to us professional Updates weekly.
We have CZ CnR Gamemode we want pro scripter to fix all bugs there is many bugs found, and many updates need to be done, so if you are pro scripter and wanna join us, pm me!
You will get level 5
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Old 12/02/2017, 01:36 PM   #11483
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Search Advanced Y_ini gang/clan system. If you have one send private message.
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Old 12/02/2017, 02:14 PM   #11484
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Hi guys
Los santos CNR looking for a new beta-tester as well as assist scripter

Some more informations :
The work is free
The server will be on hosted tab whenever it finish
You must be active enough and good at doing your work
You will get a position in the server when its opened and you will become one of our basic staff group

Anyone interested contact me via pm
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Old 12/02/2017, 03:42 PM   #11485
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

I'm looking for dynamic CP example.
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Old 13/02/2017, 05:13 AM   #11486
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

"Are you bored? Are you looking for something to do here in these help wanted posts? Do you have skills that are just not quite good enough for everyone? Do you get mocked or harassed because server owners expect too much of you, or do not speak English?

I used to be like you. But then I decided enough was enough, and that's when I tried AlphaTest."


The number one server owner prescribed medicine. AlphaTest is not used to treat or cure any illness or disease. Do not try AlphaTest if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Stop use and ask a doctor if you develop hives, swelling, itching, sneezing, or explosive diarrhea while on AlphaTest. Children under 12 should not take AlphaTest, as it may lead to depression or suicidal thoughts.

"Ask your server owner about AlphaTest today!"

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


I'm looking for Alpha tester(s) for a new gamemode in development from scratch for one or more sessions. If you want to help, or you just really liked my post, send me a PM.

If you don't want to keep reading, just send me a PM!

What I expect from you:
-Ability to type a command
-Ability to tell me if I did something wrong without telling me my server is sh*t
-Ability to speak English (preferably American English)
-Are about 16, but not under 14. If you are 14 or under and still want to help, you gotta sell it.
-If you have any other skills you think might be helpful, and are not currently dedicated to another server, let me know. I have an open mind.

What you can expect from me:
-Cheap comedy
-Open-mindedness (IE give me suggestions)
-Easily approachable (got something on your mind? Speak up)
-Daily updates
-Intelligent scripting (I'd say 9/10, and I do my very best to knock out bugs immediately)

About me:
-I'm not looking for anyone dedicated necessarily.
-I've been on SA-MP since 2012, and scripting since 2013.
-I've had several full-time gamemode projects all from scratch, none finished (also, I think they may be out of order):
--Hunger Games 2013
--Blueberry Roleplay
--Hunger Games 2014
--Apocalyptic Cops and Robbers
--High School Roleplay
--Hunger Games 2015 (I lied, this was actually in a finished state)
--Angel Pine Roleplay
--Fort Carson Roleplay (this one was also in a finished state, just needed more stuff)
--Current Project (under wraps)

I took longer on this than I anticipated. Looking forward to reading my inbox in 10 hours.
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Old 13/02/2017, 07:31 PM   #11487
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Looking for mappers to join our team, if interested, please notify me via PM. (Custom Roleplay Server)
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Old 14/02/2017, 01:11 PM   #11488
Little Clucker
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Post Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Dreamy Gaming community is looking for an official community developer (scripter) who'll become a permanent part of the development team.

The gamemode is 90% ready, all built from scratch by our team the members of which are now busy in job and studies and thus we're only having one member who is not very skilled in MySQL and that is what we are looking for right now, a scripter skilled in MySQL and ready to become a part of us as a permanent member.

Some info about us:

-Newly opened community
-COD/TDM based gamemode
-MySQL database
-Server is already online with a temporarily edited gamemode (until the new one is made)
-It is on hosted tab

What we're looking for:

-A loyal, respectful, mature, skilled scripter who can be a permanent part of our team
-Someone who is skilled enough in MySQL
-Someone who has a good speed of scripting or can dedicate a good enough time on the gamemode everyday

How we'll work:

-There is one scripter and 2 mappers in the team
-Work will be done in turns, when you will work, no one else will disturb you
-When the other person is working, you have free time, do whatever you want

Why should you work with us:

-Our aims are big
-Team is extremely professional (owners have 7+ years of SA-MP experience)
-Staff team is already there
-We wish to become one of the best communities in SA-MP
-We wish to make one of the best COD gamemodes in SA-MP
-Last but not least, the only gap which needs to be filled in our community is that of a professional and loyal scripter
-If we work together, not only will you become one of the bests, but we together will become one of the bests in SA-MP

What will you get by working with us:
-A chance to be a part of a completely new community with new people
-A chance to become a part of one of the bests and most known communities of SA-MP (We're confident that we'll achieve it If God Wills)
-The highest rank after owner at both forum and at server (developer, level 7)
-A chance to make new friends and get together with people whom you've never met before

Interested? See how you can contact us:
-Add me on skype @ ahmedhassan754 (If possible, arrange for a microphone, if not, we'll chat, no problems)
-OR Visit us @ and contact us there
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Old 15/02/2017, 06:24 AM   #11489
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

Looking for an assistant scripter and beta testers to help us to develop unique CnR server from scratch. Our team already includes main developer, web developer, helper and mapper. We are using several platforms to collaborate, such as Trello, GitHub, Discord and Skype.

We offer you a working environment where everyone has good to be. With us you can grow as a programmer together with learn something new daily. You will also gain an admin status during the tests and grand opening.

We expect your written English is fluent and you have earlier experience working as, for instance, a server admin. You must show your interest by being active daily.

Please contact me as soon as possible via forum PM. I will give you more information there.

Welcome to build a new community!
Originally Posted by RyderX View Post
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Old 15/02/2017, 03:15 PM   #11490
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

I'm looking for someone who can do a website, almost the same style as the theme I have on Invision Power Forum. Send me a message for more information and agree on price.
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