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Default American Trucking by Jakku

How are we different?
Unlike from the majority of trucking servers around we don't use the same and old gamemode. Our
gamemode is written from scratch, has many unique features, and offers totally different gameplay compared to others while it still has the main idea of trucking and delivering something somewhere. To see the difference, join the server and try it out!
  • Many different classes to work in (Police, Medic, Trucker, Busdriver, Mechanic, Farmer, Pilot, Paperboy, Mafia,
    Firefighter, Sailor, Traindriver, Pizzaboy, Trashmaster, PC- mechanic)
  • Different missions and tasks for each class
  • Taskbook which allows you to choose your desired task as a trucker
  • Houses / businesses available for sale throughout San Andreas
  • Convoys - Create your own convoy and invite your friends to build a massive group of truckers
  • Instant assistance requests - Never suffer from lack of administration - use our inbuilt assistance request which
    sends alerts directly to admins' mobile devices!
  • Cruise control - To make long distance travelling more comfortable, toggle on Cruise Control and feel your ass grow!
  • Speedcameras - If you are prone to speeding these thingies will make sure you won't speed that much anymore
  • Real dynamic American radio stations for you to listen to
  • Vehicle dealer - buy a vehicle of your choice and earn extra money by working in it
  • Much and much more! It would take a day or two to list them all, that's why its better to check out them yourself
We have a friendly, helpful, kind, and experienced admin team. We're keeping the server clean of cheaters at all times.
Visit our website ( for more information and also register on our
forums. See you in the server!
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