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Lightbulb Core Features of Game Modes

What do you consider to the the core features of any gamemode (regardless of server type)?

Core features being features that would be required in any game mode for a basic workable script.

My list would be:
  • Login & Register
  • Administraton/Moderation (/kick, /ban, /ajail, /report, etc)
  • Custom Chat Functionality (PM/Whisper, etc.)

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Default Re: Core Features of Game Modes

Regardless of the features, I expect there to be security backing within basic transactions (SQL string escaping, password hashing and preferably also salting). Beyond that, there obviously has to be a user system, admin system, chat systems, vehicle handling commands (lights, engine, windows, also vehicle commands for admins), money system (if the server uses money at all, which most do), saving system (which ties in with user system). Another simple script is shutting down/restarting the server.

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Default Re: Core Features of Game Modes

By also taking in consideration other factors of x gamemode:
  • User authentication process (vital)
  • Management commands and features (vital)
  • Communication possibilities (vital)
  • Remote chat (vital for moderating while not in-game)
  • Anti-cheat that covers most mods (vital)
  • Realistic economy
  • UCP
  • Vehicle management
  • Houses

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Default Re: Core Features of Game Modes

Most registration systems are very, very basic. Too basic sometimes. Registrations should always ask for an e-mail address, to be used for password recovery. For extra security you can even ask the player to verify their e-mail address (i.e. send a link to the address like Perhaps tie it in to receiving an in-game reward, e.g. "verify your e-mail address to receive a $2000 starter bonus". Having an e-mail address on file also makes it possible to send regular newsletters (opt-out or opt-in) or a "we miss you" message after an extended period of inactivity.

I've also played with the idea of having different "threat" levels for the server.
  • Very Low: everyone can join
  • Low: registered players can join
  • Medium: only verified users can join (e-mail address confirmed)
  • High: only players with accounts older than X days can join (and e-mail address confirmed)
  • Very High: only staff can join
Useful if someone is trolling your server with cheats and you don't know who it is.
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