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Default .: Restaurant Deathmatch/Freeroam:. V6.0

Restaurant Deathmatch/Freeroam

Restaurant Deathmatch/Freeroam is an old server since 2011 which developed by hobo101. Well, this project is an old one which was buggy and dead before. also unplayable but it has a playerbase before. Now hobo101 aka MarkNelson is trying to revive this project again these days by updating it daily and fixing bugs. It was an old classic DM project only but now it's Freeroam and DM, Light CnR and Light Gang Wars too with a lot of new features.

Current Features:
-XP System
-Good Textdraws
-Weapon drops after death
-Attachments System with up to savable 10 slots
-TV System
-Perks System
-Cookie System
-Inventory System
-PM System
-AFK System
-DM System
-Duel System
-Gang System including gang chat and turf wars /gc
-Police System including /cuff and /ar and police chat using /pc
-Group/Clan system including leader commands and so many cmds
-Criminal system including robbery system in freeroam
-Dynamic Vehicle System including vehicle dealership
-Dynamic House System including /putgun and /getgun with 1-3 slots and weapons are savable after puting them into your house
-Dynamic Business system including /checkprofit and /collectprofit to check/get your money from you business
-Jobs system up to 6-7 Jobs around the server
-Medic system including /heal command
-Sharing XP and Money using /payxp and /pay
-VIP system including special features for it
-Blackmarket system (one of the server secrets)
-C4 Bomb system (secret location in somewhere in san andreas)
-Bank System including bank account creation
-Animation system including +40 animations
-Dynamic gas sation and fuel system
-Reaction Test System
-Rank system including up to 24 ranks
-Vehicle neon system
-Vehicle towing system
and much more!
NOTE: Don't ever try to ask for admin rank, we must test you to be one of our team.

Feel free to join us at anytime

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