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Default Re: How many generations are there?

There are no definite numbers of generations I guess.
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Default Re: How many generations are there?

We had enough of generations in freeroam, so we changed to evolutions
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Default Re: How many generations are there?

Originally Posted by Kaperstone View Post
We had enough of generations in freeroam, so we changed to evolutions
What's the next buzzword I wonder?
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Default Re: How many generations are there?

@ Calgon
"What's the next buzzword I wonder?"

I agree with you, there are far too many generic, copycat servers around with "unique" things to waste time, i have been a bit away for nearly half year now from the forums and the servers, however i notice that still pretty much you see the same Established Communites still there with good pb. numbers wich im really happy to see after all sa-mp has past its prime time, and for example there is a lack of new different concepts well made and and not copyed, but its far too easy now for someone to just get a crappy gm. online and bump the forums with adds, and there another empty server running, sadly i have lost some of my own enthusiams and more like me after all we cant do the same for ever or play the same forever, but the new kids around are not really putting the effort towards their server its not like some time back people really tryed to make something good and enjoable, take me for ex. ive been working for nearly 2 years on a hole different type of aproach gamemode and took a break now of nearly 6 motnhs, life stuff, but still, im thinking should i even bother to finish? spend another year or so to get it to how i want? spend a good chunk of dollar to rent hardware again,, look for staff so forth, sure i miss the fun but its harder these days to put something new around, but atleast the ones that do should take pride in their work not just another crap downloaded gm and little edit and " Server bla bla- Refunding"..

On the bright side i hope to finish my project this year perhaps near end of year and give it a last go on running a server, sure i miss the good ones i was part of in the past, developed for or even made from scatch good and bad ones!

I hope the new kids around the block now take a bit more pride on their work, work for a change o their ideas and take it serious and look for the exaples and mistakes allready done, anyways its nice to be back even if for a little and see the names i remember around on these forums from years and years back! sadly some of the wizzards are gone now but thats life..


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Default Re: How many generations are there?

unlimited generations.................!
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