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Default Restaurant Deathmatch/Freeroam [0.3.DL]

Restaurant Deathmatch/Freeroam

Restaurant Deathmatch/Freeroam is a server where you can Deathmatch or freeroam. but the freeroam side in this server has a lot of things to do including Joining gangs and doing gang wars, being a cop and arresting criminals being a lawyer and defending the criminals or buying drugs and selling them around San Andreas and you can buy your own house and your own business. Businesses can give you a good amount of money and in houses you can save your guns and do a lot of things, You can export cars too and much more!
The deathmatch side has events which can be started by any player in the server by typing /events
There are 5 events, Last Man Standing 1 and Last Man Standing 2 and Last Man Standing 3, Clover Race and Parkour
there is a death package system which can give you random items but there is a chance up to %70 which let you get nothing from the death packages.
the server has a lot of features that we can't right all of them here.

Note: We're hiring 1 administrator for the community
Server IP :
Discord :

[Filterscript] Mechanic System V0.1 BETA
[Filterscript] Simple PM System
[Showcase] Restaurant Freeroam Showcase 
Please donate here:
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