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Default San Fierro Cops And Robbers - PRO DM / Gangs / Poker / Casino / Drugs

Server Information

IP Address:
User Control Panel:
Information: Get free VIP in-game for 3 days. Ask our admins how today!


Irresistible Gaming, a community founded in August, 2011. Promoting fun ever since, and addictive game-play. Our servers are custom and contain many unique features that most servers don't have.

There is a tendency to us implementing features inspired by many trending games (GTA 5 and PayDay 2) and TV series (Breaking Bad, Prison Break and The Wire).

Our content


Classes you can choose!
  • Civilian - no requirements
  • Policeman - no requirements
  • Fireman - 1000 XP or more.
  • Paramedic - 2000 XP or more.
  • F.B.I - 10,000 XP or more.
  • C.I.A - 15,000 XP or more.
  • Army - 20,000 XP or more.

Common approaches to obtain XP/score/wealth!
  • Arresting as a COP.
  • Robbing Players/Stores.
  • Killing players. (as it's CNR/DM)
  • Gang wars - capturing turfs. **IMPROVED**
  • Events.
  • Fighting fires.
  • Cutting wood at lumberjack.
  • Robbing items off players.
  • Kidnapping people.
  • Blowing up the jail cells for a payment.
  • Complete hit contracts for players.
  • Steal furniture and cash them at the Pawn Shop.
  • Healing players.
  • Curing players.
  • Mining ores.
  • Missions.
  • Make Meth.
  • Start a bank heist.
  • Rob NPC security trucks (just like GTA 5).
  • Blowing up Alcatraz.
  • Jacking cars and exporting them in Shipyard containers.
  • Maintaining vehicles.
  • Completing achievements.
  • Rob atms.
  • Gamble the finest casino in SA-MP.

If you need any other help, contact us in-game by /ask or simply by the forums!

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