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Default [0.3 DL] Pure Roleplay

Essential Information
  • Server Type: - Medium/Heavy Roleplay
  • Website: -
  • Script Type: Made from scratch by P-RP Developers
  • Roleplay Location: Los Santos / Palomino Creek
  • Server IP:
  • Discord:

Our History & Vision

Originally conceived as a breakaway server from what is best described as a 'transitional server' that existed several years ago, Pure Roleplay was thought-up by a member of that very server it sought to break away from, who in turn drafted two friends in to the project to administer staff, and the script respectively.

Several weeks after it's initial conception and definitely during the servers infancy, Pure Roleplay's current Community Manager Matt (one of just two out of four active members of Pure Roleplay's original management team) was invited into the staff team, and began accelerating the creation of Pure Roleplay's script as we know it today.

Pure Roleplay continued it's vision of being a break away server throughout this time, and had two real shots at it in 2013 and 2015, with the latter being it's most successful run, with over a thousand accounts registered to date.

The server will be reopening it's doors soon enough - we can guarantee there will be no 3 month waits and no stalling for more time. Pure Roleplay's 2017 revival is the result of a distinct gap (so we feel) in SAMP's server market. We are fully aware that SAMP has had it's Golden Era of roleplay servers, and one thing all new and emerging servers have in common is the word 'unique.' We are not trying to be unique, we are simply trying to rekindle a burning flame, and reignite peoples passion for roleplay, whether your roleplay fancy is as a cross dressing firefighter or a regular ole' blackjack dealer, we aim to cater for it all in the most simple, painless way as we can.

This means inclusivity; we want to include everybody (no rule breakers, please) so that those of us that miss the days of staying up late to play with our pals can relive those days as SAMP's roleplay scene finds it's steady footing in it's reasonably old age. Come and join us.


Server Features
  • First and foremost; a realistic attitude. We understand SAMP's current roleplay situation and the needs of a lot of it's players - we'd like you to see if our server is for you.
  • Freedom - when you play our server, you are free. The world around you is shaped by your character and their actions. There is no OOC involvement in the government/elections/state of in game affairs, if there's a President today and a Military Governor tomorrow as Head of State? So be it.
  • PRP's very own unique mapping system which enables players to map their own interiors/exteriors and have them appear live and ready for use in game.
  • A custom health and armour system which allows players to roleplay melee scenes properly, and also take custom damage from weaponry, which can be tweaked to adjust to the community's will.
  • A custom, proper deathmode system which will put the player into a set animation when wounded, and change their nametag from white to red. Anyone that stumbles across the player may use a medikit on the person to extend their death timer to get them help - or a member of a faction granted medical access may opt to save the persons life by taking them to hospital.
  • A script that was written by our developers' own hands, and not a SAMP forums gamemode section rip-off.
  • A simple staff system which gives Moderators, Mappers, Developers and Administrators the in-game tools to properly perform their roles. Staff are easily identifiable, and accessable - they are players just like you, and staff who adopt a superiority complex do NOT last very long with us.
  • A fully dedicated icon system which encompasses houses and businesses of all types. With over 20 types of icon available, with the infrastructure to add an indefinite amount, the roleplay possibilites are endless when it comes to businesses and buildings!
  • A dynamic vehicle system which can handle hundreds of vehicles being spawned on the map at once - when you park your car, it doesn't disappear, it really parks! Vehicles can be used to store guns, chaeffeur your gorgeous blonde around or as a getaway car for your band of bank robbers!
  • Our totally from scratch faction system which grants faction leaders full control over their faction. From completely custom rank titles (really, anything you want) to a 3-tier faction control system, a faction leader is virtually unimpeded when administering their faction. Players can be removed from the faction whether their online or offline, too.
  • A weapon system which enables weapons to be tracked and monitored by the servers administration team. Law enforcement factions are also able to see serial numbers of legal weapons and handle all of the licensing surrounding them. Illegal weapons are obtained by a not-before-seen crate drop system, which adds a thrill to the way you get ahold of your weapons.
  • Our job system allows you to jump from one job to the next whenever you feel like it! Just finished your run to Flint County in a truck, but want to unwind on the fishing pier and get paid for it? Just park your truck up and buy a fishing rod! We have several jobs on the server, with the view to add more while keeping the system simple and not a grind.
  • Our drugs system is a fantastic way for players to feel immersed when it comes to roleplaying around drugs. With several different types of drugs to choose from, the system is simple yet functional. It isn't needlessly complicated or painstaking, and we think you'll find it's a great compliment to illegal roleplay.
  • We don't believe in limiting your creativity on our server (within reason, cowboy) - which is why we're open to shuffling things around just to suit you and your ideas. An easy example of this is that we allow players to own their own bank as businesses (who have a custom loan script written for their banking faction) and construction companies (who are granted server mapping access) - if you can think of a way to make it work, we're happy to hear you!
Are we looking for anyone?

Yes. We are in need of faction leaders and are currently offering a great incentive to people wishing to start a faction, which you can read about on our forum. Apart from that, any/all staff vacancies are advertised on our forum.

Are we unique?

To get straight to the meat of things; the short answer is no - but hold on! We probably aren't unique; more or less everything you see on this list is nothing different to what you've seen on every other server advertisement, it's the way we do it which makes us a pretty good choice for you to invest your gaming hours into.

We at Pure Roleplay have the benefit of being realists. We understand that every server comes straight out of their corners swinging; 'unique this!' and 'unique that!' - not to say that we haven't done that ourselves, however the benefit of hindsight shows us that people play games that are familiar. We believe Pure Roleplay will be familiar to you whether you played SAMP five years ago or five months ago. We aim to get up and running for our third time in five years, and stand the test of time for however long SAMP stands on it's own two feet. A place for you, for myself and for everyone to come together and participate in something we all share a genuine like for; roleplaying.

The format for every roleplay server on SAMP stays the same because it works! It's the people that make the server, and we'd like to welcome you all to Pure Roleplay. Come and say hello.
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