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Little Clucker
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Post /deliver command needed

i am doing pretty good with with my server and i need some one to script for my server as i don't get much time.I also want /deliver command for LAFMD like they can /deliver patient at a pickupspot and some of the money of patient get deducted and delivered to a specific point in hospital
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: /deliver command needed

You might make command with npcs or real players.
Here is an example:
YCMD:deliver( playerid, params[], help ) {
    #pragma unused help
    if( PlayerIsLAFMD[ playerid ] != 1 ) return SCM ( playerid, -1, "YOU AREN'T AUTHORISED (LAFMD)!" );
    if( PickedPatient[ playerid ] != 1 ) return SCM ( playerid, -1, "YOU HADN'T PICKED THE PATIENT UP.");
    if ( !IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint radius, x, y, z ) return 0;
    SCM ( playerid, -1, "You have successfuly left the patient at the hospital.");
    PickedPatient[ playerid ] == 0; BeingPicked[ pickedid ] == 0;
    SCM ( pickedid, -1,  "You have been successfuly left by the LAFMD employee. ");
    SetPlayerPos ( pickedid, x, y, z );
    SetPlayerHealth ( pickedid, 99 );
    return 1; 
You need to define the id of player being picked ( pickedid here). Also some player variables should be easily determined using 'new' at top of your script...
You might consider using timers and looping animation for pickedid player. Sorry if tab size is messed up i wrote this from my phone.
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