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Default Re: Lags in online games

why don't you start this exact same thread on your ISP's forums
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Default Re: Lags in online games

Originally Posted by Meller View Post
There's nothing wrong with WiFi itself dude, get your facts right.

oh right, what facts?
Then I'll address this, in the sense that Wifi, being a packet radio setup isn't a constant connection.

You can suffer from fadeout, being low signal, or even saturation from the signal being too strong.

Depending on the games reaction to losing packets, this makes all the difference, hence why every time that someone mentions that "It works on other games though" line, I point out that it's not the same.

The facts are that wifi is prone to interference, and problems with throughput due to the signal. It's not reliable. The first thing ANY ISP says to check is that your wifi is 'fine'.

If the game itself can't handle dropping packets, then you'll have connection issues, where something that is capable, doesn't.

Seriously though, wifi isn't as grand as you think. If you have a lot of routers around you on one channel, or even have people who are running high interference appliances, (such as welders, or even an old fridge having trouble), you'll be prone to losing connection, or facing issues with the apps/games you are running.
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Default Re: Lags in online games

Even without any interference, some routers just suck, i had some default router from upc broadband onceand it had absolute crap wifi, i dont know what was wrong as it was 802.11n router which is pretty good, but i couldnt even play fucking agario with it. The moment ive plugged in ethernet cable and refreshed, lags stopped.
But it still suffered from insane udp packetloss - and it was router related too. I have fixed it by setting the router from routing mode to bridge mode - that way it just forwarded packets from ISP's network into mine. Downside was that only one person could use the connection this way, because ISP blocked any more than 1 IP coming from my network. BUT! I could play gta v without issues. Before doing this, i would instantly get kicked from sessions with more than 8+ people. Heists with 4 people worked just fine, but lobbies where you are sometimes with 30 other players were unplayable.

And to fix the shitty 1 IP limit, i have just bought a cheap d link router for 10usd and plugged it into the UPC router. This way more people could use the net at a time and packetloss was fine too

Why didnt I just replace the shitty upc router with the cheap dlink? Because UPC internet works through some analog tv cable and you cant connect that into random routers
Tldr: try to set your router into bridge mode and see what happens.
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Default Re: Lags in online games

Originally Posted by Meller View Post
There's nothing wrong with WiFi itself dude, get your facts right.

oh right, what facts?
lol bro, you don't need to be a smart person to realise that something that's not directly connected to something is gonna experience issues.

Originally Posted by Meller View Post
Nor do I lag, while using WiFi, with others connected.
you linked a screenshot of CSGO yet you don't know that being wired is better. it's like a wireless mouse, it's generally less responsive and reliable than a wired mouse.

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