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Default [NEW] BluePrint Gaming Roleplay [Hiring]

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Ever wanted to play a server that is sophisticated and professional? ever want to roleplay scenarios that are beyond your imagination? Blueprint gaming roleplay you can plan and play out your life whichever way you want to there is a professional admin team with their only desire to help you at all cost, the faction leaders are professional and experienced in roleplay so are our community advisors ready to answer your questions at anytime. Blueprint gaming roleplay is the place to be we're hiring faction leaders and community advisors, if you're active enough you may become a admin. We're currently only looking for active, experienced and professional behaving admins.

What are you waiting for? Your new life awaits you!

Administration Team:
The administration team are looking for staff members with experience, professionalism and the courage and integrity to strive for excellence. The admin team will have to be active and prove they have something to bring to the server to get administrator the staff team do not want to see 'plz I want admin I am good'' We're looking for people to prove themselves when they think no one is looking. We're looking for people that will help without a reward. But on Blueprint gaming roleplay the admin team are always looking for potential administrators. So always do what is right and help people when you think no one will notice, you may be rewarded and noticed for your integrity and invited into the admin team.

Factions are currently hiring members but some factions will be opening on the rise of the playerbase and will be needing leaders, the leaders will have to prove their activity and commitment to the server that will show the faction management team that the player is worthy of running a faction such as the Los Angles Sheriffs Department.
on the rise of the player base the factions that will be opening are Los Angles Sheriffs Department, Los Angles State Government, Department of Corrections and many other official and unofficial factions will be opened in the process of the server growing in size.

The Families or gangs are currently open and the server is looking for more, gangs create roleplay, roleplay create fun, the server will be looking for family leaders that are ready to roleplay any situation with their family from a drug deal to a mafia sell out. The families will be closely watched by the family management team to make sure no rules such as DM, PG, MG are broken.

Mapping Team
The Mapping Team are currently hiring talented mappers for their community, if as a mapper you show your dedication then you will be rewarded with admin or such, the mapping team are only looking for the most elite to make the server look unique and as realistic as possible creating more roleplay. With the help of a good mapping team the server will become unique and realistic.

Message from the Staff Team
We welcome any new players with open arms and hope you have a great stay with us, we have opened the server to see players have fun and enjoy roleplay as long as it lasts, we're grateful for the opportunity to run a roleplay server and see players enjoying themselves.

BG-RP Staff,
Owners Kenneth & Keiron
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