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Default Re: Best server you ever played on?

kokys dm
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Default Re: Best server you ever played on?

littlewhitey's DM server (2008 era), GamerX, and RC-RP (Regards to LeGGGeNNda there).
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Default Re: Best server you ever played on?

Best server in terms of quality RP I'd say Grant's BCRP (Bone County Roleplay) when Ibooze was manager, the time when it closed not so much, too many shit RP'ers. In terms of where I enjoyed my time the longest and made some good (but also bad memories) I'd say PGRP (Prestigious Gaming Roleplay, an NGG copycat)

Honorable mentions go to:
[SONA] CNR, they've been on since 2010 and are still around, I enjoyed my early years of SAMP there a lot;
WW-RP, for creating an incredible server and idea (just sad they were only on for two months after developing for like 8 ).

I should probably add that when it comes down to it can be a very negative person.

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