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Default Chat / Game Lagging Like Fuck

Hey, I have a problem when I play on a server. Because when I connect everythings fine, but after 30 seconds~ the chat start lagging like hell, I mean, 2 minutes before it send all the messages again. Then it continue to freeze. I've tried to uninstall all programs that I dont need and I close all unneccesary programs before I start playing. My ping is also around 70~ but it still lag like fuck.

Any ideas to fix it?

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Default Re: Chat / Game Lagging Like Fuck

Any idea of how I could solve this?
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Default Re: Chat / Game Lagging Like Fuck

  • Turn off your Router,
  • Un-plug everything connected to it
    • Wait for 5-10 minutes
    • Then plug-in all the things that were connected to it and start your Router.

I hope this helped
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