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Little Clucker
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Default Project under development

Hello my name isnt enkei, its Mark. Nice to meet you all. The reason i've decided to type this up, is because as you all know; the recession is impacting us all. I understand scripters will not work unless they are given a wage. Well, you've came to the right place my friends. Unfortunately, i cannot state a flat rate for your services. There are several variables involved. All i can say.. Is that the profits are seemingly endless..

We're not making just one server; but a cluster of servers (Already paid for / functional via VPN). The reason i say "we" is because i have a good friend named Evan. He doesnt play SA-MP, but he programs webpages. We arent looking for a single server project. We have 3 ideas. And we'd like to make them all possible. The ideas are brand new, and never before seen in SA-MP. (As far as i've seen).

This is'nt a project gentlemen, it is a company. Samplistic. Rates/wages/methods/ideas will be discussed privately. Have a prepared "resume" ready if you are interested. We'll need to see your work..

Thank you for your time.
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Default Re: Project under development

Add my MSN (In my sig).
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