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Default BEvA51

WsFm BEvA51


Its war!! Big Ear Mobstas againts the Area 51 Gangstas

Mobstas are losing territory to the Gangstas, the Mobstas are attempting to stop the Mobstas

Who would win!?!?!?! You decide


There are 11 Commands total

1. /Me just /me and say somethings comes out in lemon yellow (i think)
2. /MMission only for the mobstas it shows the mobstas team mission
3. /GMission Only for the gangstas team only, shows the gangstas team mission
4. /Afk sets you out of the battle and cannot move sends afk to all
5. /Back Spawns you at your spawn point and sends Back to all
6. /Brb Sends you to Shamal interior and sends brb to all
7. /Ad this refills your health with an animation, only once unless you pickup a pickup for another /ad pill
8. /WWeaps Shows a dialog of weapons (called wweaps cuz is my weapons system)
9. /Help This shows the credits of the GM mostly (this also pops up onplayerspawns)
10. /Cmds This shows the commands for the GM

11. /God This is an Rcon admin command only it sets the rcon armour and health to god mode


2 teams:

Has working gangzones (crimson red for gangstas Gold for mobstas)

Has team color for names

Plenty cars for both teams (rusterl, hydra, sultan, cheetah, sanchez, bullet, ECT!!)

about 100 cars total


Credits go to me (willsuckformoneY)
and the people helpful enough in
SA:MP Scripting Section of the Forums


download here
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: BEvA51

nice GM,good work
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Default Re: BEvA51

So this is what this 'gTeam = TEAM_GANGSTAS' is all about? D:
Originally Posted by DeWolf View Post
For fuck's sake people, this whole thread is fucked up now.
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