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Joe Staff
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Default Assassin's Escape v0.11 (TDM, 1vsALL, 20 minute rounds)

Assassin's Escape
Assassin's Escape was script from scratch by me as an attempt to promote a friends file hosting service, after little success and 0 players, the server flopped. So now I'm releasing this rough draft.

This is technically my first gamemode, lol.

Keep in mind this script never left Alpha stages (mid development)

The Script
The script is designed to be tiny, efficient, and fast, whilst still being a full fledged gamemode. I scripted it with the intention of releasing it so it is hugely more uniformed than most released scripts on the forums. At first appearance, from a player's perspective, it's working, but ugly, ONLY because the textdraws are bare and system texts are pretty bland. The reason behind this is because at the time I was expecting player feedback, I was going to let the community design the game. So instead what I have is a blank slate waiting for someone to pretty it up (which seems to be the only thing most "scripters" are good at)

The Story
You're stuck in a small area with a bunch of other people, you have nothing on your person but a couple of guns, some equipment, and a note...
You and the people you're with have been injected with a
prototype chemical derived from military research labs.
Each of you have a vial, all of them contain only water. Mine on
the other hand contains the antidote you need to live. You're
going to want to hurry, the antidote stops working after 20

The Objective
As an "Innocent" person, you must find the assassin and kill him, problem is, you won't know you've killed him until the 20 minutes have passed.

Innocent Bonuses:
20 points - Assassin is dead at the end of the round
10 points - Kill the Assassin yourself

Innocent Penalties:
2 points - Kill an innocent

As the Assassin, you must survive the chaos for 20 minutes!

Assassin Bonuses:
2 points - If an innocent dies
2 points - If you kill an innocent person (meaning 4 points in total)

Assassin Penalties:
6 points - Die

As you gain levels you'll gain access to new weapons and equipment, which you get to choose at the beginning of every match.

Weapons above level 3 are Assassin only (which makes identification easier)
Also as Assassin, you see players on radar
Primary Weapons
Level 1:
Single Micro SMG

Level 3:
Sniper Rifle

Level 5:
Single Sawn-Off Shotgun

Level 7:
Combat Shotgun

Level 9:
Dual Sawn-Off Shotguns
Dual Micro SMGs

Secondary Weapons
Level 1:
Single 9mm Handgun
Baseball Bat

Level 2:
Pool Cue

Level 4:
Silenced 9mm Handgun

Level 6:
Dual 9mm Handguns

Level 8:
Desert Eagle
Single Micro SMG

Level 1: Nothing
Level 2: 10% Armor
Level 3: 15% Health Kit
Level 4: Smoke Grenade
Level 5: 20% Armor
Level 6: 25% Health Kit
Level 7: Frag Grenade
Level 8: 30% Armor
Level 9: 50% Health Kit
Level 10: Poison Injection

Other Features
---Ammo (all guns have infinite except for sawn-off shotgun and throwables)
---Health Increase
---Armor Increase
---Flying (the map includes a limited size, meaning if you leave the area you're banned)
SQLite Saving
---File is kept locally (so less lag)
---Download package comes with SQLite browser download
---Allows for easy modification of major systems of the game
------Weapons and unlock levels
------Equipment and unlock levels (equipment is hardcoded into script, but description is saved)
------Maps and their spawn points (Only 1 map has been added, but if you add a spawn point with a different 'name' then it is considered a new map, so add more spawn points of the same name to create a full map)
Dialogs Utilized
---Loadout selection

Without a player base, I was unable to determine what admin purposes would be (I honestly couldn't think of any except for maybe a bugged spawn point) but an Admin system does exist, but only has a few commands (read .pwn to see what they are)
The game requires 3 players to start a round

Assassin's Escape version 0.11
Use this until my website is uncensored:

File Size: 108kb
Lines: 1811 (told you it was small)

File includes everything you need, including 2 plugins, Whirlpool and sscanf2 both by Y_Less
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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

Its awesome man
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

It's sad that gamemodes like these don't get the attention they most likely deserve.

Looks great man.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

Cool gamemode,i like the story
You shouldn't release it,you should buy a host and have fun with the other players.
Anyways good job +R_3_P
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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

Awesome GM
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Default Re: Assassin's Escape v0.11 (RP/DM/Mystery, 20 minute rounds)

Its Look Good
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