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Angry Fatal crash

I am writing a RolePlay gamemode, and I came across a problem.
The testing mod is in a Hosting.
Sometimes, the server just crashes (sometimes, in this case, means at least twice a day).
Today after a crash, I have found a screenlog:
samp03svr: malloc.c:3661: __libc_malloc: Assertion `!victim || ((((mchunkptr)((char*)(victim) - 2*(sizeof(size_t)))))->size & 0x2) || ar_ptr == (((((mchunkptr)((char*)(victim) - 2*(sizeof(size_t)))))->size & 0x4) ? ((heap_info *)((unsigned long)(((mchunkptr)((char*)(victim) - 2*(sizeof(size_t))))) & ~((2 * (512 * 1024))-1)))->ar_ptr : &main_arena)' failed.
What is this? Memory allocation problem? WHY?
In addition, my SQLite databases are getting meshed up on that server. With SQLite, I can't open them, it says qAdmin: Cannot perform operation on a closed dataset

Is the host sucks?

My server plugins: whirlpool streamer(Incognito's streamer) sscanf
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Default Re: Fatal crash

chash info would be better . (server crash info you can found in your server folder.
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