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Default wird bug

			    printf("[1] CurrentHouse: %d", CurrentHouse[playerid]);
                if(CurrentHouse[playerid] == INVALID_HOUSE_ID)
				    printf("Message Sent [CurrentHouse: %d]", CurrentHouse[playerid]);
					SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, "Please re-enter the CP");
				printf("[2] CurrentHouse: %d", CurrentHouse[playerid]);
				SetPlayerPos(playerid, HouseInfo[CurrentHouse[playerid]][TeleX], HouseInfo[CurrentHouse[playerid]][TeleY], HouseInfo[CurrentHouse[playerid]][TeleZ]);
			    SetPlayerInterior(playerid, HouseInfo[CurrentHouse[playerid]][Interior]);

                SendClientMessage(playerid, 0x00C4F6AA, "You have entered your house");

the prob is that i get the message "Please re-enter the CP" when it a invalid house id

the message should only return if CurrentHouse[playerid] is INVALID_HOUSE_ID...

and another wird thing is that it prints
[17:04:30] [1] CurrentHouse: 1
[17:04:30] [2] CurrentHouse: 1
.. why dont the "printf("Message Sent [CurrentHouse: %d]", CurrentHouse[playerid]);" print? i get the "Please re-enter the CP" message and not the print
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Default Re: wird bug

Change the line to the below one:
if(CurrentHouse[playerid] == INVALID_HOUSE_ID)
    return 1;
And it doesn't print the real current id because, for some reason the current house is 1, which is marked as invalid. Recheck "CurrentHouse[playerid]".
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Old 22/07/2011, 03:39 PM   #3
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Default Re: wird bug

haha nvm

i just reloaded the whole gm + fs, now it works

i was just reloading the fs :P
Old 22/07/2011, 03:45 PM   #4
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Default Re: wird bug

Yeah, that's the problem with using filterscripts along with a game-mode - it sucks. Just incorporate everything thing into your game-mode.
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