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Huge Clucker
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Default Snow object ID

Hey! I'm looking for snow object ID, I had it not a long time ago, but I forgot it. Can anyone tell me some IDs of them?

Snow from Liberty City roofs, not those from 0.3c!!!

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Default Re: Snow object ID

The object IDs from the small Liberty City present in San Andreas
Solid street(right near the restaurant):3907
Non-solid streets: 3923
Restaurant (1) : 3902
Restaurant (2): 3911
Snow on the Restaurat (1): 3914
Snow on the Restaurat (2): 3915
Some building and the wall inside the restaurant's yard: 3906
Solid ground(inside rest.): 3903
Building at the end of the passage: 3905
Snow on rooftops (and a wall) :3918
Snow on top of the train lines: 3916
Train lines: 3897
Train stairs: 3900
Train lines(shadows): 3910
Train stairs(2): 3901
Snow near the solid road :3890
Snow near train lines(1):3892
Snow near train lines 2 : 3894
Snow& high building: 3896
Small building near the solid road:3895
^Snow on the rooftop of the small building:3917
Trees (outside): 3898
Interior trees(in the yard) : 3948 
Non-solid buildings(near the solid road): 3908
Hospital: 3899
Hospital snow: 3891
Hospital snow 2: 3893
Non-solid buildings(2)(non solid road, behind the restaurant): 3909
Un-solide buildings(3): 3904
The rest of the landscape: 3913
Treees(2): 3912
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