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Default Nyan Cat (Texture)

When I saw Bad Apple of leong124, I thought that maybe I can do something like this or more simple but very nice. So I made animated Nyan Cat ^_^.


Extract models in GTA San Andreas folder. And don't forget about a filterscript.
Animated, music from original video (the host in FS is in Russia, other host: ), textdraws for everyone player. To start - /nyan_start , to stop - /nyan_stop. You can change position and size for youself. Max size of picture - 256x256.
Change #define MAX_PLAYERS to slot amout of your server.
Author: SDraw
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

+REP Nice Work
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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

That's awesome, really nice. :P

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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

Ow, my, goldfish! You just created the most awesome textdraw script!!
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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

Nice but the big downside of it is that the clients have to download the TXD in order to use this (similar to the custom maps)..

I wish servers could stream txds.
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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)


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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

Nice lol
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Big Clucker
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Default Re : Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

Awesome ^^ !

Good Job !

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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

Awesome Job.
However, can you make a link with other mirror, because for I cannot open the solidfiles.
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Default Re: Nyan Cat (TextDraw)

how did you make it move? 0.0
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