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Default Is it just me?

Since 0.3d, my server has major bugs.

First of all is that the textdraw IDs (variables) get mixed up for NO reason. It was all fine in 0.3c, but in 0.3d it started to get buggy. The IDs get mixed up and sometimes textdraws don't even show. Using TextDrawSetString causes them to disappear apparently.

Second of all, is SetPlayerTeam. I can sometimes still kill my team, but now I can't kill my enemies. I'm using SetPlayerTeam in OnPlayerRequestClass, the coding is correct.

Third of all, OnPlayerDeath. When I do "if(team[killerid] == team[playerid] blabla st0ff here)," it doesn't get called properly and sometimes I get money and score for killing a teammate. Everything is getting set correctly.

ALL of these happen when there are a lot of players online. They don't happen with like 10 players. (MAX_PLAYERS defined correctly).

Basically, my player variables get mixed up, such as my textdraw variable and my team variable. Also some callbacks.

The reason why I am posting this here is I want to see if there is anyone else with these issues before reporting it to SA-MP team.
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Default Re: Is it just me?

Yes, I do have these issues too in my new Deathmatch script which I'm about to release. (I wont release it before I get these fixed)
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