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Default Los Santos Xtreme FreeRoam v0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Exclamation Los Santos Xtreme [DM/Freeroam/Stunt]

Los Santos Xtreme

Pre-Release notes:

PlayLSX™ is now under new management, and as so we are creating a new topic for a new release, since the old one has disappeared(?) with one of our former developers.This will be updated regularly.

Los Santos Xtreme is a DM/Freeroam/Stunt gamemode for SA:MP and has been in development since 0.2x. It has since evolved and been updated to the current standards of scripting, to work with the latest version of SA:MP. The script utilizes some of todays most innovative plug-ins and coding techniques including the acclaimed ZCMD command processor and sscanf.

Los Santos Xtreme is a developing script, and as such, will contain several bugs and/or unfinished (works in progress) features. However, that being said, Los Santos Xtreme is 100% stable as of v0.5.7.

Los Santos Xtreme is considered an "open source" project, meaning that any versions of the gamemode that are updated, will be released to the public and not kept private.

The cool bits:

Features in the initial release:

• Huge Administration system based off of LAdminV4, basically re-wrote with hundreds more commands.
• Built in IRC Echo with commands for controlling players from IRC Channels defined in the script. Watch players from IRC, see everything they say and more!
• NPC Bots.
• Administration HQ with protection from normal players.
• Admin Vehicles at HQ.
• Full level system, 3 main Administration levels ranging from 2(Mod) 3-4(Administrator) 5(Management) with an owners/founders level being set at 1338.
• VIP System for donators with special features in-game such as more commands, VIP only vehicles a VIP room, VIP chat and 3D Labels!
• Property system based on Sandras property include. Rewritten from the ground up..!! A dynamic "Create and forget" system which allows you to create properties in-game and have them save!
• Login and registration system with dialogs and advanced login setup. Registered users have their own login room.
• Unregistered players can feel free to play the server, if it is their first time on the server they will be transported to the newbie spawn area which has pickups for rules and some weapon pickups to get them started.
• Full spawn weapon system originating from Ammunation, complimented with a spawn timer to avoid spawn killing.
• You can find pickups in Ammunations across the map. Administrators also have the ability to give players spawn weapons, of any type.
• Full jailing system, when jailed players will be transported to the custom mapped jail island.
• A unique taxi system which has options for administrators to set the price players will pay on their trips. Various locations around the map. Taking a taxi to Ammunation will teleport you to the one closest to you.
• A Safe zone with player protection. If someone kills a player in the safezone, they will have their health set to 10HP and their weapons removed for an easy dispatch !
• Lame kill protection. This is a feature I always like in servers. When you get lame killed (At the moment only Heli kills are recognized as lame kills .. and maybe drivebys) you are shown a menu (soon-to-be dialog) given options to punish the player that lame killed you!
• Fully fledged gang system! Create gangs on the go, make a gang and invite your friends/clan mates.
• Full bounty system! Hunt heads for $$$!!!
• Awesome banking system with options to upgrade your account to a better one. Bank limits, and bank anywhere with an upgraded account! Clear your whole bank account and start again, or upgrade the limit so you can bank more!
• Super-awesome reward system for players that are nice and report cheaters! If you feel somebody has done a good job on something, give them a cookie?!?! Every cookie counts, and when the player has enough (25 minimum) he/she can go to the bank and collect a nice reward. Amounts vary depending on how many cookies they have earned.
• Developers system. Set players as developers! (in total pre-alpha stage lol).
• Teleportation system that allows players to teleport to other players on foot or in cars for a small cost.
• Administrators have the ability to ban players from using teleports, VIP's and Administrators have the ability to ban people from teleporting directly to them. A nice feature when you're being plagued by a teli-kill noob !
• A Licence system (controversial but never mind) Administrators have the ability to both give out vehicle licences, and take them away, effectively banning the player from driving. At the start players do not have a licence, they have to take their newb asses to the licence center and buy one. (Added this feature for people who might want a bit of RP) (NOTE: From v0.5.7 players will be automatically given a licence on registering, unregistered players will not be able to drive vehicles.)
• Give players access to admin vehicles with the V-Allow system, and keep an eye on who has v-allow. If someone is abusing their permissions you can take their allow.
• Players can go AFK, when away they will be teleported to one of the pause positions in Las Venturas where they will not be able to use commands (only /back) until they are not AFK. Administrators can check who is AFK by using a command.
• Players who use the escape menu to avoid death or for any other reason will be given an "Idling" text label above their head for easy checking of idling.
• Some minigames, including Chase the Terrorist and StolenCars©. Also a maths chat game where players can win $20000 for answering maths questions like nerds !
• Administrators have the ability to ban whole clans from the server, a feature from LAdminV4 that is really really useful for deathmatch servers.
• Basic Duel System with dialogs and multiple choices for weapon sets and duel arenas. Each kill and death in the duel system will be logged saved and players will have these as a kill/death ratio in their player stats. (Still in Dev, unfortunately.)
• Chosen area for random duels, Administrators have the ability to block off entrance to the area for vehicles.
Administrator tools for checking if a player is cheating. Nuke, burn and drop players to their deaths at ridiculous speeds... for cheat checking obviously!
• Fully random weather system with selective weather ID's, change the weather if you're an Administrator.
Real time! Based on server time, the time in real-life will be the time in the server (NOTE: Slight change in 0.5.5).
• A really, really cool system for spectating places. Dubbed a CCTV system by it's author, Sandra. Very useful for tracking naughty players! !
• A fully integrated regulars system. After 30 hours a player will become a regular, meaning they will have access to more commands and will receive $50000 every hour. Every hour the system checks for new players and promotes them to regular if they have enough gametime!
• Until players are regular, they will have no weapon skill. Uzi's and Sawnoffs will come single handed.
• Multiple chat waves. Administrators will be able to talk to each other through AdminChat. Players who are not Administrators will use the same system for talking to Administrators - they will NOT be able to see AdminChat. VIP's and regular players have their own chat waves. VIP's will also have access to IRC Chat through commands (In Dev).
• Amazing undercover system. Administrators can connect to the server on a random name and login to their Admin account making them literally invisible. Ideal for when you have a pesky cheater causing chaos!!
• Administrators can disable the chat for single players or for the whole of the server. Useful for announcements, etc.
• Anti Spam and Anti-Swear have been kept from LAdminV4, as has the ability to stop players from using capitals letters.
• Large help system for players, with sections split up and covered in detail.
• Tuning system. Players can teleport to all 3 different tuning garages, for a small price.
• Administrators are able to give players temporary Moderator rights, Management members are able to give players temporary Administrator, and owners/founders are able to give temporary Management. However, only management can set players permanent Administrating permissions
• Players with an upgraded account can bank, withdraw and check their balance on the fly!
• Administrators can spawn vehicles dynamically. All vehicles spawned with /v are set as dynamic and can be deleted with /dc. An Administrator can also delete ALL dynamically created vehicles with /dyndel
• Some unique animation commands for players to use.. and much, much more..!!

Changes since the initial release up until current version ( v0.5.8 ):

*Auto fix (bugged due to unstable co-ordinates) fixed

** Added Holding Object features.

- Added player holding objects commands: /mho, /smho & /rmho giving players the ability to add, position and save holding objects to themselves. Player holding objects will save to file.Some Objects were bugged and couldnt hold up long, now fixed.

* Fixed the player saving function, it now saves ALL player information correctly OnPlayerDisconnect. (Was bugged)

*Auto Login Feature removed as it caused some problems

*Added More Objects,Cars,Pickups at VIP Lounge


- Added player holding objects commands: /mho, /smho & /rmho giving players the ability to add, position and save holding objects to themselves. Player holding objects will save to file.

* Added /my time for players. Time is no longer dependant on servertime. Each player can set their own hour that will then save into their database andit will stay that time until they disable it or change it with /my time set. This system utilizes dialog ID 6. If a player has no time set or has their MyTime dsabled, the time will be defaulkted to server time.

* Added a textdraw to show player ranks. Ranks are "LSX Player", "* V.I.P *", "Moderator", "Junior Admin", "Senior Admin", "Management" and "LSX Founder".

* Fixed the web URL textdraw. It now displays correctly as "".

* Removed the /settime command as it is useless.

* Fixed the player saving function, it now saves ALL player information correctly OnPlayerDisconnect.

* Added the Christmas build.

- Added the Christmas gift system, with multiple commands for crew and players.

☻ Players can now give other players gifts in the form of a random amount of cash from the givers current on-person moneys.
☻ Administrators can view hidden gifts.
☻ Administrators can stop and start the gifting system.
☻ Administrators can move the object to a new place.
☻ When a gift is placed it's location will be given to players.
☻ Players can find the location of the gift by using /findgift
☻ The gifting system uses a random amount of money as a prize, from a set amount.

- Added the Christmas objects at the mall in Los Santos. \o/

☻ Added a teleport to the tree into /taxi for Christmas builds.
☻ Added Health and Armour pickups under the tree.

- Christmas Miscellaenous.

☻ Added a Merry Christmas textdraw that shows OnPlayerDeath, instead of the "Wasted" crap.

* Rewrote the ban and unban commands, they are now working correctly and use formatted kick/ban messages respectively.

* Added the character saving, loading, etc. into the /my command.

* Autologin problems solved.

☺ Autologin was causing problems with the login room. It has been disabled and will be removed in the next version.

* Fixed the temp command not sending messages to Crew.

* Added a beta command (/s) for saving spawn positions amongst other things.

Because the IRC system utilizes the SSL version of Incognitos IRC plug-in, you will need to download the OpenSSL Lite package from Shining Light Productions which can be found here:

Also, please note that before running Los Santos Xtreme, you will need to configure the script in PAWNO, add your own IRC Channels, etc. The script features extensive build options, example, if it's Christmas time you can change "CHRISTMAS_BUILD" to 1 to include the Christmas system, if it's a beta build change "BETA_BUILD" to 1 if not, it's 0, if you are testing the script on localhost set "LOCALHOST" to 1 and the IRC system will not connect and the NPC bots will not join the server.

Other Notes:
LSX Extreme is a gamemode developed by PlayLSX Team and ColdFuzionZ Team takes no credit from them, we jointly have created a new version of this gamemode with more features, less bugs/glitches
Copyright (c)2012-13.



.NET FrameWork: (OR Latest)

Notes from Orignal Developer:

================================================== ==============================
Los Santos Xtreme DM/Freeroam
------------------ Script Info -----------------
| Founder(s): Ben Ravetta (AKA PawnStar/Jerome)|
| Script status: Development. Approaching Beta |
| Script availablity: NON-PUBLIC (05/2010) |
| Built for: SA:MP 0.3a/b/c/d/e |
| Plugins utilized: sscanf, streamer plugin |
| ,irc plugin, audio |
| Times re-written: Once, re-written for 0.3a |
| Initial dev. start date: Summer 2009 (GMT) |
| Developers: B.Ravetta |


Other Credits:
-Ransee [Modding]
-ArcheR [Modding]
-SimPArMeD [New Maps]
-Panda_1337 [Error/Bug/Glitches report and fix]


Mirrors Disabled, Look into (Tutorial For LSX v0.6.1) (Download LSX 0.6.1)

#define URL_STRING "" // Website
#define SetPlayerHoldingObject(%1,%2,%3,%4,%5,%6,%7,%8,%9) SetPlayerAttachedObject(%1,MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS-1,%2,%3,%4,%5,%6,%7,%8,%9)
#define StopPlayerHoldingObject(%1) RemovePlayerAttachedObject(%1,MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS-1)
#define IsPlayerHoldingObject(%1) IsPlayerAttachedObjectSlotUsed(%1,MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS-1)
Were missing.

Hope fully for all those who had Runtime error this version is especially for them.
You will need latest version of plugins - streamer | sscanf | irc | audio.
Re-Compile the gamemode with latest .pwn file and the server should work fine.

If everything goes will you will be in heaven.(You shall see this when you spawn.)

************************************************** ************************************

LSX Notes / Tutorial
You can Download the whole tutorial HERE Los Santos Xtreme is a DeathMatch based server with huge features, overhaul ! You can race, drift, stunt anything you want. We have diffrent levels of admins here, VIP and lots of commands + features for them A Donate command for info related to donation is added in game Visit our Website : Well, i am writing this up because the script is too big, so this is kind of a short tutorial written up, in order to make you feel easier with the gamemode. Lets begin. It has full integrated LAdmin system Sandra Prop system huge edit (include within script) Textdraws IRC, Commands VIP System (Within script) Register / Login AntiCheat NPCS Christmas System CCTV System all over server. You must have: Streamer Plugin IRC Plugin SSCANF Audio Netframework OpenSSLite __________________ It saves all the player info below. // Player Enum enum PlayerData { Registered, LoggedIn, Level, Muted, Caps, Jailed, JailTime, Frozen, FreezeTime, Kills, Deaths, hours, mins, secs, TotalTime, ConnectTime, MuteWarnings, Warnings, Spawned, TimesSpawned, God, GodCar, DoorsLocked, SpamCount, SpamTime, PingCount, PingTime, BotPing, pPing[PING_MAX_EXCEEDS], blip, blipS, pColour, pCar, SpecID, SpecType, bool:AllowedIn, FailLogin, Regular, SpawnColour, Bank, xAccount, Cookies, Developer, CarKey, Licence, Hidden, Temped, DuelFrom, DuelTo, Float:DuelX, Float:DuelY, Float:DuelZ, Float:DuelAng, IsInDuel, InRestricted, RestrictedTimer, HoldingObject, ObjectStatus, HObjID, HObjBone, Float: HObjXoff, Float: HObjYoff, Float: HObjZoff, Float: HObjXrot, Float: HObjYrot, Float: HObjZrot, AutoFix, TeleMsg, MyTime, MyHour, FavSkin }; All the server data saved are listed below // Server Control Enum enum ServerData { MaxPing, ReadPMs, ReadCmds, MaxAdminLevel, AdminOnlySkins, AdminSkin, AdminSkin2, NameKick, PartNameKick, AntiBot, AntiSpam, AntiSwear, NoCaps, Locked, Password[128], GiveWeap, GiveMoney, ConnectMessages, AdminCmdMsg, AutoLogin, MaxMuteWarnings, DisableChat, MustLogin, MustRegister }; - You can change the random messages at line 963 - You can change the gamemode name at 1073 - VIP Stuff from line 1709 - CCTV Co-ordinates from line 1777 - Gamemode text at line 1853 - Gamemode urtl at line 1857 - Data shown when player spawn at line 3277 -Levels : 0 = LSX Player 1 = VIP 2 = Moderator 3 = Junior Admin 4 = Senior Admin 5 = Managment 1337 = Rcon/owner _____________________ IRC Commands: -join -trace -mod (icmd) -kb - kickban (username) -msg - sends message ingame -kick -ban -pm - personal message from IRC to in-game -rcon - For ~q~ _______________________ Commands - Player and Admins (Mixed) cant bother to seperate sorry. /s - Save position /hold - Holdingobject (use /holdtypes) /idling - AFK /help - Splitted in many sections (like - /help general , /help money , /help rules) /ircpm - Sends message to IRC, players in-game cant see it. /locate - Locate player pos (Is in vehicle | Is on foot | Unknown loc) /basketcar - Objects Basket car. /ms [0-6] (0 = off) (listen to music, audio stream) /streams (to view list of audio streams online) /mho - Allows player to create a holding object for themself. /smho - Allows player to save and hold their object. /rmho - Remove players created holding object /vspin - Spin vehicle in the defined angular velocity /ar - autorepair /buy - buy property /sell - sell property /sellall - sell all your owned properties (level 4) /propid - Displays prop ID (level 3) /gotoprop [PROP ID] - Teleports you to desired property (level 3) /createprop [PROP ID] - Creates a property ingame (level 4) /timeon - Displays how long a player is online (Level 3 ) /slap - slaps a player /heal - Heals a player (level 2) /info - script info /drunk - Drunk (level 3) soberup - you already know (level 3) /donate - Donation Info /vallow - Temporary access to Admin Vehicles (level 3) /takevallow - Revoke Temp Admin veh access (level 3) /gotogarage - top secret crew warehouse (level 3) /givearms [weappon id] [player id] (level 3) /sethealth - sets player health (level 3) /setarmour /setcash /setscore /setskin /setwanted - Set player wanted level /colours /setcolour - 31 colors /setworld - Set player world bound ID /world - accesible by all players /antihack - Turns anticheat system on/off /spawncolor - spawn color for player /cookie playerid - gives cookies to player /bank - Deposit $ in the bank /withdraw - Withdraw $ from bank /settaxi - Set taxi usage value /ahq - Admin head quaters /ahq2 - Admin head quaters 2 /taxi [Location] (USE /Locations to see locs) /buychute - Buy parachute /tune - tunes a vehicle /back - Back from tuning area to your old location /setinterior - Set player interior to desired wish /eject - ejects a player /vehicle/ /givelicence - gives player licenece /teleban - Player cant use any teleports /givetele - Rights to tele during /teleban /burn playerid - Burn a player (to check on cheaters) /spawn id - Spawns a player /pfix - Fixes your account /skip - weather /crash - crashes a players game /ip - get player IP /bankrupt - Bankrupts a player's account /ubound - To remove world bounds /commands - Shows some commands /ahelp - admin help /vip - viphelp /xconfig - Server settings /getinfo - get player info (IP, Jailed, banned, kicked etc) /my [stats,char,time,balance,cookies,object,messages,hide] - Your stats /enable and /disable [antiswear/namekick/antispam/ping/readcmds/readpms/caps/admincmdmsgs/connectmsgs/autologin") /countdown - Count down for races/drags /nukefc - Creates explosions /specfc - to the admin lookout at Fight Club /fct - Admin teleport to FC /fillmeup - MAX WEAPONS /repair - fix car temp /nos - NOS In car /car - spawns desired car /v - spawns a car /dyndel - Destroys all dynamically created vehicles /carhealth playerid amount - setplayers car health /carcolor - Set car color /god - level 4 /sgod - level 5 /godcar - Car that never dies ! /die - sucide /getid - get players ID /asay - special text for admins /setping (0 or 1) /ping playerid - ol /setgrav [-50 > 50] - set player gravity /credits /serverinfo /announce /vr - vehicle repair /jetpack - Gives player jetpack /flip - Flips your vehicle /dc - Destory a dynamic veh /despawn - Set vehicle to respawn /regupdate- Level 5 /teleplayer [playerid] to [playerid] /goto - goto player id /vgoto [Vehicle id] - goto a vehicle /vget - Gets vehicle ID /gotopos - [X] [Y] [Z] Coordinates /givecar - give player a car /avfix - Reloads crew car pool /warn - Issues player a warning /kick - kicks a player /ban - bans a player /rban - Range banned /unban /unbanip /whatskin - Displays what skin ID is the player using /handofgod - :D fin fon fen FUN /explode - explodes a player /jail - sends a player to join /unjail - Unjail /jailed - Displays the list of players in jail /vallowed - Displays no. of player allowed admin veh access /paused - displays paused player list /freeze - freezes a player /unfreeze - Un freeze /frozen - List of frozen players /mute /unmute /muted - List if muted player /akill - Kills a player /weaps - shows all the weapons list a player have /aka - Displays other name the player joined server with /screen - send a screen msg /pm - Personal message /worldmsg [1-6] /Laston - When was the player last active. /stunt - Stunt zone /leave - leave any minigame or duel zone /fcblockon & /fcblockoff /fcgate - Open fight crew gate /fcclose - close fightcrew gate /duel - duel with players /crew - Displays admins online /npcs - displays NPC Connectd /getmyserial - ur serial number /setvip - set player VIP /delvip - removes vip level /temp [PlayerID/Name] [mod/admin/man] - Temporary admin level /giveadmin - makes player admin /givemod - makes player MOd /giveman - Makes player managment /report - report suspicious player /reports - shows all reports /botcheck /lockserver /password - set password for server /forbidname - Forbidden names list /forbidword - forbideen words list /spec - spec a player /specvehicle - spec a vehicle /specoff - turns spec off /disablechat - Turns chat off /clearchat - clear chat for you /clearallchat - clear chat globally /caps - caps lock for player /fakedeath - fake death for admins /fakechat - fake chat for admins /stopanim - Stop anyanims being played /getall - get all player at 1` postion /healall /armourall /killall /freezeall /unfreezeall /kickall /explodeall /disarmall - disarm all players /setallskin - skin id for all players /giveallcash - give all players cahs /giveallweapon - give all players weapons /xmenu /tele /xweather /xtime /cm - toggle /xtmenu - tune menu /xweapons /xvehicles - shows veh in dialogs /saveplace - saves a location /gotoplace - goto saved location /stafflogin /me - colored chat /changepass - change player password /setpass - setplayer pass /stats - shows player their stats /ID /licence /dive /vdive - veh dive /tp - teleport /ctp /givecash [playerid] [$$$\] /chase - Minigame /endchase - end minigame /flood [Colour] [Text] /loadfs - Load any fs from ingame /unloadfs - unload any fs from ingame /changemode - from ingame /account [upgrade/setlimit/reset/reward] - bank command /viewcam - CCTV View /camoff - CCTV View OFF /gang [create/join/invite/quit] [name/number] /ganginfo /gangs - List of gangs /hitman [playerid] [amount] /bounty [playerid] /bounties - Shows all available bounties There are a lot more commands that i have missed, but i feel to tired to write them all down now. Have fun, playing You will see this if the GM works fine )__________________) SA-MP Dedicated Server ---------------------- v0.3e-R2, (C)2005-2012 SA-MP Team [14:15:17] filterscripts = "" (string) [14:15:17] [14:15:17] Server Plugins [14:15:17] -------------- [14:15:18] Loading plugin: sscanf [14:15:18] [14:15:18] =============================== [14:15:18] sscanf plugin loaded. [14:15:18] (c) 2009 Alex "Y_Less" Cole [14:15:18] =============================== [14:15:18] Loaded. [14:15:18] Loading plugin: audio.dll [14:15:18] *** Audio Plugin v0.5 R2 by Incognito loaded *** [14:15:18] Loaded. [14:15:18] Loading plugin: streamer.dll [14:15:18] *** Streamer Plugin v2.6.1 by Incognito loaded *** [14:15:18] Loaded. [14:15:18] Loaded 3 plugins. [14:15:18] [14:15:18] Ban list [14:15:18] -------- [14:15:18] Loaded: samp.ban [14:15:18] [14:15:18] [14:15:18] Filterscripts [14:15:18] --------------- [14:15:18] Loaded 0 filterscripts. [14:15:19] *** Audio_SetPack: Expecting 3 parameter(s), but found 2 [14:15:19] *** Audio Plugin: Started TCP server on port 7777 [14:15:19] ________________________________________ [14:15:19] ________________________________________ [14:15:19] Los Santos Xtreme FreeRoam Loading... [14:15:19] ________________________________________ [14:15:19] -Configuration Settings Loaded [14:15:19] -41 Forbidden Names Loaded [14:15:19] -1 Forbidden Tags Loaded [14:15:19] -9 Forbidden Words Loaded [14:15:19] ________ Configuration ___________ [14:15:19] __________ Chat & Messages ______ [14:15:19] Anti Swear: Disabled [14:15:19] Anti Spam: Enabled [14:15:19] Read Cmds: Disabled [14:15:19] Read PMs: Enabled [14:15:19] Connect Messages: Enabled [14:15:19] Admin Cmd Messages: Disabled [14:15:19] Anti capital letters: Enabled [14:15:19] __________ Skins ________________ [14:15:19] AdminOnlySkins: Enabled [14:15:19] Admin Skin 1 is: 104 [14:15:19] Admin Skin 2 is: 214 [14:15:19] ________ Server Protection ______ [14:15:19] Anti Bot: Enabled [14:15:19] Bad Name Kick: Enabled [14:15:19] __________ Ping Control _________ [14:15:19] Ping Control: Disabled [14:15:19] Max Ping: 0 [14:15:19] __________ Players ______________ [14:15:19] Save/Give Weaps: Enabled [14:15:19] Save/Give Money: Enabled [14:15:19] __________ Other ________________ [14:15:19] Max Admin Level: 1338 [14:15:19] Server Locked: No [14:15:19] Auto Login: Enabled [14:15:19] =================================== [14:15:19] || Created 23 Properties || [14:15:19] =================================== [14:15:19] Loaded 154 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/bone.txt [14:15:19] Loaded 35 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/ls_airport.txt [14:15:19] Loaded 24 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/ls_law.txt [14:15:19] Loaded 108 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/ls_gen_inner.txt [14:15:19] Loaded 209 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/ls_gen_outer.txt [14:15:19] Loaded 261 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/lv_gen.txt [14:15:19] Loaded 102 vehicles from: lsx/vehicles/red_county.txt [14:15:19] ________________PlayLSXR_________________ [14:15:19] LSX Version 1.5.8 [14:15:19] Last updated Monday, October 13th - 2010 [14:15:19] The time was 22:14 [14:15:19] ________________________________________ [14:15:19] Successfully Loaded [14:15:19] Date: 30/9/2012 Time: 14:15 :19 [14:15:19] ________________________________________ [14:15:19] ------------------------------------ [14:15:19] Los Santos Xtreme FreeroamZ v1.3 by RanSEE [14:15:19] ------------------------------------ [14:15:19] Number of vehicle models: 150 [14:15:20] --- Server Shutting Down. [14:15:20] ________________________________________ [14:15:20] ________________________________________ [14:15:20] Los Santos Xtreme FreeRoamZ Exit [14:15:20] ________________________________________ [14:15:20] Date: 30/9/2012 Time: 14:15 :20 [14:15:20] ________________________________________ [14:15:20] ________________________________________ [14:15:20] [14:15:20] =============================== [14:15:20] sscanf plugin unloaded. [14:15:20] ===============================

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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Nice gamemode I don't know why'd you released it.
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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Well Derek we're sticking to other gamemode and me and our little team jointly with PlayLSX Team were working on this gamemode from 3 months so.. it would be fun for ya'all it was modified to be released.
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Default AW: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Looks Nice.
I like this gamemode
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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Originally Posted by RanSEE View Post
Well Derek we're sticking to other gamemode and me and our little team jointly with PlayLSX Team were working on this gamemode from 3 months so.. it would be fun for ya'all it was modified to be released.
Oh nice!I like it.
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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!


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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Thank you
I'm glad you like it.
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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

nice keep up the good work



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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Thank you i'll
P.S : Added color changer changes player name color
/color for help
and a Map near vinewood /vwp
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Default Re: Los Santos Xtremev0.5.9 [sscanf, streamer, IRC, zcmd] Over 15,000 Lines | 472 commands!

Wow, Nice work.


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