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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Will be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me what's the problem is.

Originally Posted by Maruti View Post
is this error?
sscanf(string, "p<|>iffffiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiii",
errors are in bold.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Will be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me what's the problem is.

bump :S
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Will be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me what's the problem is.

re-bump or smthing :S
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Will be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me what's the problem is.

ermm... it has been 3 days now, and it's not still fixed, please? anyone? thanks.
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Default Re: Will be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me what's the problem is.

Don't have much experience in this area, but try this:
#include <a_samp>
public OnQueryFinish( query[], resultid, extraid, connectionHandle ) {
        QueryID = 0,

        if(resultid == 1) {
                if(mysql_num_rows() <= 0) continue;
                sscanf(string, "p<|>iffffiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiii",
                CarInfo[QueryID][cModel], CarInfo[QueryID][cX],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cY], CarInfo[QueryID][cZ], CarInfo[QueryID][cAngle],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cColorOne], CarInfo[QueryID][cColorTwo],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cOwner], CarInfo[QueryID][cOwned],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cValue], CarInfo[QueryID][cLock],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cFuel], CarInfo[QueryID][cDonate],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][2], CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][3],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][4], CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][5],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][6], CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][7],
                CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][8], CarInfo[QueryID][cMod][9]);
                QueryID ++;
            } //Ends While
        } //Ends Case
        if(resultid == MySQL_QUERY_LOGIN) {
            if(mysql_num_rows() >= 1) {
                mysql_fetch_row_format(string, "|");
                new ustring[5];
                sscanf(string, "p<|>s[5]s[5]iiiifffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis[5]s[5]s[128]iiiiiiiiiis[5]",
                ustring, ustring, PlayerInfo[extraid][pCash], PlayerInfo[extraid][pModel], PlayerInfo[extraid][pCrash],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pAge], PlayerInfo[extraid][pPosX], PlayerInfo[extraid][pPosY],PlayerInfo[extraid][pPosZ],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pHealth], PlayerInfo[extraid][pArmour], PlayerInfo[extraid][pInt], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWorld],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pPayDay], PlayerInfo[extraid][pPayCheck], PlayerInfo[extraid][pBank], PlayerInfo[extraid][pConnectTime], PlayerInfo[extraid][pMember],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pRank], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeed], PlayerInfo[extraid][pCrack],PlayerInfo[extraid][pCocaine],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pHouseKey], PlayerInfo[extraid][pBizzKey],PlayerInfo[extraid][pCarKey1], PlayerInfo[extraid][pCarKey2], PlayerInfo[extraid][pCarKey3], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAdmin], PlayerInfo[extraid][pHelper],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pBanned], PlayerInfo[extraid][pDrugTime], PlayerInfo[extraid][pHouseEnter], PlayerInfo[extraid][pBizzEnter],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pGunLic], PlayerInfo[extraid][pDriveLic], PlayerInfo[extraid][pPhoneNum], PlayerInfo[extraid][pJob], PlayerInfo[extraid][pJailed],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pJailTime], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][0],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][1], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][2], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][3],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][4], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][5], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][6],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][7], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][8], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][9],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][10], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][11], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWeapon][12],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][3], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][4], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][5],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][6], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][7], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][8],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][9], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][10], PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][11],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pAmmo][12], PlayerInfo[extraid][pWantedLevel], PlayerInfo[extraid][pDonateRank],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pMask], PlayerInfo[extraid][pMaskID], PlayerInfo[extraid][pCellphone],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pCrimes], PlayerInfo[extraid][pArrest], PlayerInfo[extraid][pChanges], ustring,
                ustring, PlayerInfo[extraid][pAdmName], extraid, extraid, PlayerInfo[extraid][pSex], PlayerInfo[extraid][pTut],
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pCarTicket], extraid, extraid, extraid, extraid, extraid, ustring);
                } //Ends mysql_fetch_row_format
                new ppname[24], testline, testline1, testline2, testline 3, testline 4;
                GetPlayerName(extraid, ppname, 24);
                testline  = CMySQL_Set(ppname, "Accounts", "Username", "CarTicket");
                testline1 = CMySQL_Set(ppname, "Accounts", "Username", "Tutorial");
                testline2 = CMySQL_Set(ppname, "Accounts", "Username", "Sex");
                testline3 = CMySQL_Set(ppname, "Accounts", "Username", "Changes");
                testline4 = CMySQL_Get(ppname, "Accounts", "Username", "AdmName")
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pCarTicket] = testline;
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pTut] = testline1;
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pSex] = testline2;
                PlayerInfo[extraid][pChanges] = testline3;
                strmid(PlayerInfo[extraid][pAdmName], testline4, 0, strlen(CMySQL_Get(ppname, "Accounts", "Username", "AdmName")), 255);
            } //Finishes IF
			if(resultid != 1 && resultid != MySQL_QUERY_LOGIN)
                if(PlayerInfo[extraid][pWrongPassword] >= 5)
                    SendClientMessage(extraid,COLOR_LIGHTRED,"SERVER: You have been banned for entering the wrong password in five times.");
                    BanEx(extraid,"Wrong Password");
                    SendClientMessage(extraid,COLOR_LIGHTRED,"SERVER: Invalid password.");
    return 1;
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