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Default Vehicle explosion spreading.

This bug also occurs in single player, so I'm wondering can it still be patched though it was there already without SA:MP.

When you're in a vehicle, and another vehicle explodes near your vehicle, and if the explosion spreads in a way that your vehicle catches fire, it can no longer be saved from it. You can even try to repair, the fire will disappear but it will still explode.

I don't know how to say it in a way that everyone understands, so heres a video :


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Default Re: Vehicle explosion spreading.

Could be scripted to explode no matter what happens.
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Default Re: Vehicle explosion spreading.

- So, while playing at AdrenalineX and some other servers, i noticed that vehicles are normally repairable after they go on fire when an explosion is near it, but if another car explodes near it, the car won't be repairable.
It will repair it, but the car will still explode. (FIX: Repair to health 2000.)
in the bug topic
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