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Old 07/08/2012, 02:28 AM   #1
Little Clucker
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Default [HELP] Streamer_CallbackHook

Okay so, I've been fixing my gamemode for weeks..
It can run on linux, but not on windows.
Apperently, the solution lies behind streamer.dll doesn't do this apperently, so it runs fine on linux.
When I start my gamemode, it says:

Error: Function not registered: 'Streamer_CallbackHook'

But I do have streamer installed, and I updated it 3 times.
I do not know what causes this error.

Can someone please help me out?

HTML Code:
[04:41:00]   Loaded 5 filterscripts.

[04:41:00]    Error: Function not registered: 'Streamer_CallbackHook'
[04:41:00] Script[gamemodes/SRP.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"
[04:41:00] Number of vehicle models: 0
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Old 07/08/2012, 03:14 AM   #2
Big Clucker
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Default Respuesta: [HELP] Streamer_CallbackHook

This is common when you do not update the plugin, download the latest plugin from incognito and recompile your script, that should fix it, if not, try putting the whole server.log here.
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Old 07/08/2012, 12:17 PM   #3
Little Clucker
Join Date: Oct 2011
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Default Re: [HELP] Streamer_CallbackHook

I updated it before, but it didn't help..
Apperenlty I needed to re-download it.

Thanks for your help
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