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Big Clucker
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Question Toys editor !

How to change this toy editor

to this

Please help me !
Old toy editor code
stock ShowEditMenu(playerid)
    if(IsPlayerAttachedObjectSlotUsed(playerid, slotselection[playerid]))
 		RemovePlayerAttachedObject(playerid, slotselection[playerid]);
	SetPlayerAttachedObject(playerid, slotselection[playerid], PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptModelID],
	PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptBone], PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptPosX],
	PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptPosY], PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptPosZ],
	PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptRotX], PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptRotY],
	PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptRotZ], 1, 1, 1);

    new stringg[512];
    format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sBone (%s)\n", stringg, HoldingBones[PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptBone]]);
	format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sOffset X (%f)\n", stringg,(PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptPosX]*100));
	format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sOffset Y (%f)\n", stringg,(PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptPosY]*100));
	format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sOffset Z (%f)\n", stringg,(PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptPosZ]*100));
	format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sRotation X (%f)\n", stringg, PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptRotX]);
	format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sRotation Y (%f)\n", stringg, PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptRotY]);
	format(stringg, sizeof(stringg), "%sRotation Z (%f)" ,stringg, PlayerToyInfo[playerid][slotselection[playerid]][ptRotZ]);
 	ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, EDITTOYS2, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "Toy Menu: Edit", stringg, "Select", "Cancel");
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Default Re: Toys editor !

Please search before posting in the future. This topic has been brought up dozens of times!
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Old 12/07/2013, 05:35 AM   #3
Big Clucker
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Viet Nam
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Default Re: Toys editor !

toy.pwn(95) : error 017: undefined symbol "EditAttachedObject"
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

1 Error.
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Old 12/07/2013, 08:17 AM   #4
Little Clucker
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Default Respuesta: Toys editor !

enum attached_object_data
new ao[MAX_PLAYERS][MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS][attached_object_data];
// The data should be stored in the above array when attached objects are attached.
public OnPlayerEditAttachedObject(playerid, response, index, modelid, boneid, Float:fOffsetX, Float:fOffsetY, Float:fOffsetZ, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:fRotZ, Float:fScaleX, Float:fScaleY, Float:fScaleZ)
        SendClientMessage(playeird, COLOR_GREEN, "Attached object edition saved.");
        ao[playerid][index][ao_x] = fOffsetX;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_y] = fOffsetY;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_z] = fOffsetZ;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_rx] = fRotX;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_ry] = fRotY;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_rz] = fRotZ;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_sx] = fScaleX;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_sy] = fScaleY;
        ao[playerid][index][ao_sz] = fScaleZ;
        SendClientMessage(playeird, COLOR_RED, "Attached object edition not saved.");
        new i = index;
        SetPlayerAttachedObject(playerid, index, modelid, boneid, ao[playerid][i][ao_x], ao[playerid][i][ao_y], ao[playerid][i][ao_z], ao[playerid][i][ao_rx], ao[playerid][i][ao_ry], ao[playerid][i][ao_rz], ao[playerid][i][ao_sx], ao[playerid][i][ao_sy], ao[playerid][i][ao_sz]);
    return 1;
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