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Default Samp.exe bugged

Anyone can help me fix this samp.exe bug? I got like thousand servers on my favorites. I dont even know one of these server

And the other question is.. How to create a moving elevator...? And how to make a interior/exterior mall such as in LSRP?

And is free host's illegal? If no, anyone can make me a free host for me? They can be CO-Owner in my server..
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Default Re: Samp.exe bugged

Well as far as your Application problem it's probably cause you accidentally did it, maybe you've imported a .fav file by accident, just delete the ones you don't want.

Moving Elevator:
There's a few on the SA:MP Forums if you use the Search feature, other then that you'd have to map it and script it yourself.

Free Hosts:
They aren't very common in a server point of view, but Web Hosting can be done without a very nice name though.
Free Server Hosting, you'd have to find the nicest person on the internet for that, or just buy it yourself.

That's all I can do to help c:
i visit when i visit my grandparents they live in the middle of no where
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Default Re: Samp.exe bugged

Go here: c:\users\yourname\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP
and delete the userdata.dat
This file contains your favourite servers, so you can get rid of them all at once.
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