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Default GTA SA-MP Weapon Viewer

SA-MP Weapon Viewer

GTA SA-MP Weapon Viewer is just a simple program to help with scripting, I found myself having internet problems lately, so I couldn't visit SA-MP weapons wiki, It was really frustrating to work under those circumstances, so I made this light program to make it easy for me, and well, It served its purpose, After that I decided to release it for the masses, maybe someone be in need of it!


Download Links

GTA SA-MP Weapon Viewer:
Source Code:

Note: If you have any ideas you think should be included in an upcoming version, please leave them in a comment,
have fun!

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Default Re: GTA SA-MP Weapon Viewer

We can say its somewhat useful, but it would be more useful if you would add more things in a menu, such as skins, vehicles etc...
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Default Re: GTA SA-MP Weapon Viewer

There's a file called weapon.dat which contains all of this info and more (except the icons). You could've just taken a look at it instead of writing this tool :P At least that is sufficient info when you have no internet.

I think there are already very extensive tools for this, so I'd much rather go with one that covers most of the stuff you need to look up (IDs, etc) in one application.

Still, I'm sure someone will find it very useful.
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