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Arthur Kane
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Default Base Roleplay Script

Base Roleplay Script

I'd like to call this an "advanced" base-script for a role-play gamemode server. I wrote the entire script from scratch and started the development on August 11th, 2017. After spending months on learning PAWN, I decided to make my own script from scratch. I spent few months on scripting my primary script and did pretty good and reached 30,000 lines of code with little to no bugs which I was proud of. I decided to make another script for release and just to get opinions and criticism from other members of the SA-MP forums and track my progression.

Features are but not limited to:
  • Account System
    • Players register to the server with a primary master account.
    • Players may have up to 4 characters.
  • Property System
    • There are 3 property types. You could create a: apartment complex, apartment room inside the complex and a house.
    • Players can spawn at their owned properties in co. with the set spawn system.
    • Players can buy boombox's for their properties in co. with the dynamic XM-radio system.
    • Players may store up to 20 weapons in their property with a place position.
  • Business System
    • There are 7 business types. They are: restaurant, ammunation, club, bank, general store, dealership and DMV. Dealership and DMV are used for standalone and can't be owned / entered by players.
    • Business owners can place and put money into their business' cashbox.
    • Owners make revenue from their setable entrance fee that players pay when they enter.
    • Products. Business' have a product limit of 500. When their business is used, these products run out. In order to tax business owners and not completely give them a unlimited amount of revenue without loss, they need to order new products which will cost them money to do so.
  • Vehicle System
    • There are 2 vehicle types. Public and faction.
    • Faction vehicles spawn when the server loads. Players can park or spawn their public vehicles at anytime. (Limited to 1 vehicle only)
    • Players can own up to 5 vehicles at once.
    • Players who own a vehicle and are rank 1 of their faction may factionize the vehicle.
    • Vehicle Security
      • Vehicles include: a lock level, an alarm level and an immobilizer level.
      • Players who don't have the keys to a vehicle are prompted with a unscrambling method ("hotwiring") to turn the vehicles engine on when they /engine it.
      • Players can pay for to upgrade their security levels in the dealership or upgrade it later.

    • Vehicle Life
      • Vehicles have a engine and battery "life". Every time a vehicle is destroyed, both engine and battery deplete.
      • Vehicle features (i.e: XM-Radio) can't be used when engine or battery health are low.

    • Players can duplicate their vehicle key to lend to another player.
    • Players can tow their vehicle, locate it, scrap it for half the dealership price or sell to other players.
    • Players can buy a vehicle at a business that's a dealership.
    • Players can store up to 5 weapons in their vehicle.
  • XM-Radio System
    • There are a maximum of 17 XM-Radio categories and 18 stations per category.
    • Admins may create a category and station in game using their commands accordingly.
    • Players can use XM-Radios via: buy it for their property and / or buy it for their vehicle.
  • Death System
    • There are 3 internal player-states. Alive, brutally wounded and dead.
    • When players take damage which causes a significant amount of health loss, they're put into brutally wounded.
    • Players can accept death or be executed by other players.
    • Damages
      • Everytime a player takes damage from another player, it is logged. Ordinary players can check a players damage when that player is in brutally wounded state. Admins may check their damages at any time and also see who caused that damage to a player.
  • Faction System
    • There are 4 faction types. They are: illegal, police, medical and corrections.
      • Corrections refers to a prison correctional officer. It's yet to be made.

    • There is a maximum of 20 faction ranks. (1 being the highest, 20 being the lowest)
    • Factions leaders may add, remove or alter faction ranks.

    • There are 4 external "ranks". They are: faction alter rank, chat alter rank, tow rank, and join rank.
      • Faction alter rank: This is the rank that has permissions to change players ranks, edit faction information and et cetera.
      • Chat alter rank: This is the rank that has permission to turn the factions chat on and off.
      • Tow rank: This is the rank that has permission to tow (respawn) all faction vehicles.
      • Join rank: This is the rank that's given to a player when they join the faction. Usually the last rank available.

    • Admins and faction leaders may configure the faction accordingly with an in game command.
    • Faction chat. Each faction has their own faction chat. The color of the chat can be customized by the faction leaders.
  • There are 188 commands in the script to date.
  • There are 94 internal functions.

Dependencies & Credits:

  • This is just a "base" start to developing a role play gamemode. At the current moment of release, this wouldn't be an optimal script for game play on a real time server. I discourage any one who tries to use this for a server straight off the bat without any additional coding to it. It still needs some touching up, more features for players and et cetera. However, that's just my opinion. Do as you wish with it.

  • There are no known bugs for now. Spent an hour going through the server and code. If you encounter a bug and need help, report it in the thread.


Github. Database is included.

I would really like feedback from anyone, thanks!
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Looks a lot like LS-RP. You made anything else that looks like their mode in this script?

Honest question, I think it's done pretty well.
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Old 13/09/2017, 04:12 AM   #3
Arthur Kane
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: California
Posts: 720
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

NGL, I wanted to learn scripting because I liked their script so much and wanted to try out what I could do.

But not much looks like theirs.
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Old 13/09/2017, 04:14 AM   #4
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Belgium
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Alright. You could try using enums for dialog ids rather than #defining them all one by one.

enum {
} ;

The above increments the ID automatically without having to define the ID manually.
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Old 13/09/2017, 08:10 AM   #5
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Sounds like Italy Mafia, i'll try.
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Old 13/09/2017, 08:10 AM   #6
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Good job!



Currently working on:
District Gaming Freeroam/Roleplay [20%]
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Old 13/09/2017, 10:12 AM   #7
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Testing it.

Edit : Nice one mate +Rep
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Old 13/09/2017, 11:08 AM   #8
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Nice one Arthur, Updating it will make it great, I'll work on it and start my server with it.

Server IP:
Beta Launched!
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Old 13/09/2017, 11:51 AM   #9
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

Well done.
Continuous Roleplay is a new upcoming heavy-based roleplay server.
We bring quality into roleplaying and take it seriously, since there hasn't been a great roleplaying server in a while.

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Base Roleplay Script

By skimming through the code it looks pretty neat, and it doesn't seem to be to bad for a beginner. However some tips/complaints I have is you should look into organizing your database better, and stop repeating the usage of 'str' and replace it with a proper name. You should also try to add some of your own touches to your gamemode (I understand the gamemode is simple, and nice but whenever you mimicking to the last detail it's not really that cool as it's been done before).

Here's some stuff that you could read up on that'd probably help you out:
- (These aren't a must, but if you want readable, clean, and maintainable code this would help.)
- (Will help limit the vast amount of stuff that could be removed from the 'chracters' table)
heh they're both from vince sorry

An example in your database:
In your 'characters' table you have things that could use association tables that'd make your database a lot more cleaner. For example here you are storing the characters weapons, and cars where you could make new tables and refer to the players character ID you store in the characters table to help with this.

You also prefix each thing you've put into the table with 'p'. This isn't something you want to get in the habit of it makes you database look bad, and there's no real use to it.
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