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  1. [Tutorial] Text draw tips
  2. [Tutorial] [TUT]Installing and Running XAMPP ( For mysql servers )
  3. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to Tuned Car Spawns[TUT]
  4. [TUTORIAL] Serverside Money. (Impossible to hack)
  5. [TUTORIAL] Reading SA-MP Server packets in PHP.
  6. [Tutorial] [TUT] numargs, getarg and setarg
  7. [Tutorial] [TUT]Admin Only Command for anything!!
  8. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to make a car enterable for a certain name only?
  9. [Tutorial] [TUT]Multiple Checkpoints Without Streamer!
  10. [Tutorial] Creating a new NPC
  11. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to make Dynamic housing for your server.
  12. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to have conversations with NPCs!
  13. [Tutorial] [TUT] Creating a Register System using Dini
  14. [Tutorial] [TuT] How to house
  15. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to create a dialog. (Includes responding)
  16. [Tutorial] [TUT] Teams - Setting up teams - Team restricted vehicles - Team Restricted base
  17. [Tutorial] [TUT] Pocketmoney on spawn.
  18. [Tutorial] [Tut] How to add a family in Godfather Script (/families system)
  19. [Tutorial] [TUT] How To Make A Dialog Menu (LIST And MSGBOX Only!)
  20. [Tutorial] [TUT] OnPlayerSpawn Debug
  21. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to make RC vehicles Enterable!
  22. [Tutorial] [TUT]Making personal spawn-vehicles
  23. [Tutorial] [TUT]Creating Simple Buyable Houses!
  24. [Tutorial] [TUT]Basic Object Streamer
  25. [Tutorial] [TUT]Basic Icon streamer!
  26. [Tutorial] [TUT]Basic Checkpoint Streamer
  27. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to add a player Into your script.
  28. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to spawn tuned car
  29. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to add a message when the command is wrong
  30. [Tutorial] [TUT] How works strval!
  31. [Tutorial] How to make a moving gate on command
  32. [Tutorial] [TuT]The function "SetTimer"
  33. [Tutorial] [TUT] [RCON USAGE] : Admin Chat ;)
  34. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to force a NPC to do an Animation
  35. Camera Vectors in R5 - how to use, READ THIS!
  36. [Tutorial] [TUT] Random Skins
  37. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to change player colours
  38. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to create modded cars in your script!
  39. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to make admin skins
  40. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to add all skin's avaibles.
  41. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to not have a "n00b" server
  42. [Tutorial] [TUT] How to create Private Cars
  43. [Tutorial] [TUT] Tutorial about teleports, interiors, giveplayerweapon & drunklevel!
  44. [Tutorial] [TUT] Buyable Businesses!
  45. [Tutorial] [TUT] How To Make Menus
  46. [TUTORIAL] How To Stop Money Hackers!
  47. [Tutorial] [TuT] Making a real 'God car'
  48. [Tutorial] [TUT]Creating a basic Account system_
  49. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to make Pickups.
  50. [Tutorial] [TUT] Making your own Killing Sprees.
  51. [Tutorial] How to make typing contests
  52. [Tutorial] Entering RC Vehicles with OnPlayerKeyStateChange
  53. [Tutorial] Usages for OnPlayerClickPlayer
  54. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to Create A INPUT Dialog
  55. [Tutorial] How to make /enter command with text tht shows up
  56. How to use TeamKill Protection
  57. [Tutorial] Admin-only zones
  58. [Tutorial] [TuT]How TO MAke Moving Object
  59. [HowTo] How to add pickups with effects
  60. [Tutorial] Making a MySQL system
  61. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to create a vehicle dialog menu
  62. [Tutorial] [TUT]Lotto script
  63. [Tutorial] How to Make Logs
  64. [Tutorial] Team Cars and Team Players
  65. [Tutorial] Easy MySQL Register/Login system!
  66. [Tutorial] [TUT]How to create forbidden names
  67. [Tutorial] Simple speedometer script
  68. [Tutorial] Player Variables vs Normal Variables.
  69. [Tutorial] Finished NPC Tutorial.
  70. [Tutorial] Simple basic tutorial with name & vehicleid
  71. [Tutorial] Random spawns
  72. [Tutorial] Creating a MySQL account system (Simple)
  73. [Tutorial] Adding a icon for a teleport
  74. [Tutorial] [TUT]Making a simple flip command
  75. [Tutorial] How to make a very simple Anti-Spawn Kill
  76. [Tutorial] Simple vehicle and pickup spawning system
  77. [Tutorial] Using PVars
  78. [Tutorial] How to add a name tag over a NPC
  79. [Tutorial] Making a simple PM system with ZCMD & sscanf
  80. [Tutorial] [dcmd] Commands
  81. [Tutorial] C-MySQL - Account System.
  82. [Tutorial] Basics of scripting
  83. [Tutorial] Speedo with Timer
  84. [Tutorial] How to make a register system - DIALOG
  85. HOWTO/Tutorial: find if a point is near a line in 3D
  86. [Tutorial] Simple TextDraw with Players OnLine
  87. [Tutorial] How to make an basic Fuel system
  88. [Tutorial] How to make a driving vehicle NPC
  89. [Tutorial] Make cmd to auto tune vehicles
  90. [Tutorial] All about Timers
  91. [Tutorial] GetPlayerFPS example
  92. [Tutorial] Mod Shop Bug Fix
  93. [Tutorial] How to make a simple position saver
  94. [Tutorial] PAWN for SA-MP in Notepad++
  95. [Tutorial] Making a simple race
  96. [Tutorial] Making an Admin Script with dini!
  97. [Tutorial] MySQL for beginners!
  98. [Tutorial] Arithmetic Symbols.
  99. [Tutorial] Idle NPC's reacting to being aimed at and shot.
  100. [Tutorial] Making a simple Organization Script (Noob-Friendly).
  101. [Tutorial] Converting strcmp(+strtok) to dcmd/zcmd(+sscanf)
  102. [Tutorial] Full names of str and float functions
  103. [Tutorial] Description about Interiors
  104. [Tutorial] Tutorial for script beginners
  105. [Tutorial] An in-depth look at binary and binary operators.
  106. [Tutorial] force a player to reconnect
  107. [Tutorial] How to make anti spawn kill
  108. [Tutorial] How to script /skin command
  109. [Tutorial] Make your own house system (with vehicles)
  110. [Tutorial] GetMaxPlayers() > MAX_PLAYERS ?
  111. [Tutorial] [TUT]3DTExtLabel
  112. [Tutorial] Player-timers
  113. [Tutorial] Race Tutorial
  114. [Tutorial] How to avoid 'fatal error 100: cannot read from file'
  115. [Tutorial] Creating a ChatLog
  116. [Tutorial] Understanding the SA-MP sync
  117. [Tutorial] How to create private vehicles
  118. [Tutorial] Creating auto-messages.
  119. [Tutorial] Making Simple Commands The Same Way
  120. [Tutorial] Vehicle Ownership With Mysql & SScanf
  121. [Tutorial] Make your own SIMPLE anti-cheat system!
  122. [Tutorial] How to hook FUNCTIONS (not callbacks)
  123. [Tutorial] Creating A Basic Speedometer
  124. [Tutorial] How to make a basic admin command.
  125. [Tutorial] How to make moving Objects
  126. [Tutorial] Render player data in a picture
  127. [Tutorial] Menu Selection
  128. [Tutorial] strtok
  129. [Tutorial] How to Use Variables to Prevent Abuse
  130. [Tutorial] Pickup Activated Commands! [[ BASIC TUTORIAL ]]
  131. [Tutorial] Object Loader
  132. [Tutorial] Set weather command with GTA clock [without bug]
  133. [Tutorial] Save data without registration
  134. [Tutorial] [Video Tutorial] Learn Pawn with MisterMido Part I
  135. [Tutorial] Top x players using sqlite
  136. [Tutorial] How to create organization vehicles.
  137. [Tutorial] Adding Pickups & More
  138. [Tutorial] How to create your own vehicle system
  139. [Tutorial] How to add text on numberplates all car
  140. [Tutorial] Entering building when enters CP
  141. [Tutorial] SuperS82's House System
  142. [Tutorial] Using OnPlayerText To Make Questions
  143. [Tutorial] Moving Objects
  144. [Tutorial] How to make an AFK system [COMMENTATED]
  145. [Tutorial] How to make an AFK system [TEXT]
  146. [Tutorial] Teleporting vehicles when you teleport
  147. [Tutorial] [0.3c] - Easy colors!
  148. [Tutorial] Making a HelpBot as a textdraw
  149. [Tutorial] Converting from 0.3b to 0.3c
  150. [Tutorial] Script cleanup
  151. [Tutorial] Simple Speedboost Command.
  152. [Tutorial] How to use strcmp
  153. [Tutorial] How to disable drive-by's in SA-MP 0.3c
  154. [Tutorial] How To Avoid Getting Your Script Stolen
  155. [Tutorial] Creating an Automatic Gate
  156. [Tutorial] How To Script On Mac OS X
  157. [Tutorial] How to fix an array error from wiki's tutorial on how to make simple admin fs
  158. [Tutorial] Using zcmd && sscanf
  159. [Tutorial] How To Make Score System With Timers
  160. [Tutorial] Doing basic commands on another player(s).
  161. [Tutorial] PridatKameru (Add Camera)
  162. [Tutorial] eG | Creating a Login/Register Dialog
  163. [Tutorial] Random colors on OnPlayerText (CHAT)
  164. [Tutorial] Local chat.
  165. [Tutorial] Dialog Register/Login System using DJson
  166. [Tutorial] Advanced registration system
  167. [Tutorial] How to make moving/rotating objects
  168. [Tutorial] How to make a simple strcmp cmd!
  169. [Tutorial] How To Make Your Sa-Mp Ip Into A URL
  170. [Tutorial] Creating A Simple Mini Game Base
  171. [Tutorial] How to find bugs
  172. [Tutorial] How to find bugs
  173. [Tutorial] How to make a gamemode from scratch
  174. [Tutorial] How to make a report command.
  175. [Tutorial] How to make a count
  176. [Tutorial] Benchmarking
  177. [Tutorial] Deleting the '_' in RP names.
  178. [Tutorial] Installing Nitok Control Panel
  179. [Tutorial] How to make something that changes randomally!
  180. [Tutorial] How to make Random weather.
  181. [Tutorial] IsPlayerInArea
  182. [Tutorial] How to make simple logs for your server.
  183. [Tutorial] Map Changing System
  184. [Tutorial] Anti-Teamshoot
  185. [Tutorial] How to make commands using ZCMD + SSCANF
  186. [Tutorial] Pickup Teleport
  187. [Tutorial] How to make a simple /spec command (Zcmd)
  188. [Tutorial] Gamemode Tutorial
  189. [Tutorial] How to add map icons.
  190. [Tutorial] TextDraw's Special Characters
  191. [Tutorial] Teleport command with extras
  192. [Tutorial] Stop conflict with cars on teleport.
  193. [Tutorial] Make a simple Freeroam gamemode!
  194. [Tutorial] TextDraw streaming/arranging
  195. [Tutorial] /me For RP Servers
  196. [Tutorial] How to mapp MTA and convert to samp
  197. [Tutorial] PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
  198. [Tutorial] How to convert strcmp to ZCMD/DCMD or vice versa.
  199. [Tutorial] SA-MP Basics & Everything Else
  200. [Tutorial] How to add cars to your server
  201. [Tutorial] Explanation for sscanf2 and ZCMD
  202. [Tutorial] how to make score, kills, deaths, skin saves
  203. [Tutorial] How to create areas not dm / Pacific
  204. [Tutorial] Some Commands !
  205. [Tutorial] Textdraw coordinate
  206. [Tutorial] Using basic functions to make commands
  207. [Tutorial] Changing the Spawn of Org
  208. [Tutorial] Opening two gates At the same time
  209. [Tutorial] How to make a "Stats" for Russian (Как сделать статистику игрока)
  210. [Include] Delet Space
  211. [Tutorial] How to use Dialog Styles.
  212. [Tutorial] Axis and Angles/rotation of attached Objects
  213. [Tutorial] How to fix "Undefined Symbol" Error
  214. [Tutorial] All skin Head pos
  215. [Tutorial] How to make a 8 skins dialog :P More Coming Soon
  216. [Tutorial] Problem with tutorial?
  217. [Tutorial] Car Menu
  218. [Tutorial] Full usage of dcmd!
  219. [Tutorial] Making a Health/armour textdraw! (Global textdraw)
  220. [Tutorial] How to make Irc Channel and Echo it!
  221. [Tutorial] Dynamic Places (Buildings) in GF
  222. [Tutorial] Making a "Connect to server" Forum Catergory
  223. [Tutorial] How to stream Shoutcast to your server
  224. [Tutorial] y_commands /me
  225. [Tutorial] Full usage of dcmd (updated)
  226. [Tutorial] How to create space with one string or Spacing Strings. (sscanf)
  227. [Tutorial] Dialog tips
  228. [Tutorial] How to add client sided single player pedestrians to SA-MP
  229. [Tutorial] Exploring AMX
  230. [Tutorial] Using Zcmd and Sscanf
  231. [Tutorial] Include Making
  232. [Tutorial] Adding quick anti-spam timers
  233. [Tutorial] Bad scripting habits - What not to do in a script
  234. [Tutorial] Using Dialog List/Msgbox
  235. [Tutorial] How to create a door with a keypads
  236. [Tutorial] Button Controllable Gates!
  237. [Tutorial] How to setup your Gamemode
  238. [Tutorial] Getting started with SAMP server-side
  239. [Tutorial] How to create Gang Zones
  240. [Tutorial] How to create a message with multiple colors
  241. [Tutorial] Strcmp explained/how does it work exactly.
  242. [Tutorial] How to make clean and readable code
  243. [Tutorial] Dialogs Usages
  244. [Tutorial] Login/Register System with dialog
  245. [Tutorial] How to create a plugin
  246. [Tutorial] How to create an Admin Filterscript w/ commands !
  247. [Tutorial] How To Change Your Hostname Frequently
  248. [Tutorial] How to detect joypad.
  249. [Tutorial] How to: Unix timestamps
  250. [Tutorial] Pickup Teleports