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15/10/2009, 09:40 PM
Hi, I have a problem. Namely:

I made myself:

new s[2048];
format(s, sizeof(s), "%s [UID:%d] (%s:%s) (%d:%d)\n", s, ID,ItemS[ModelID][Name], aweapons, Ilosc, Sp);
ShowPlayerDialog (playerid, 2202, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "UID Name and Special Shares" s, "Select", "Close");

Variable: are responsible for displaying the relevant parts in the "Menu". (format). Depending on if I have the database objects - shows me the list. eg I have 2 weapons, 2 weapons show me, I have 3 weapons shows me 3 weapons. Each item has its own unique number. And now I want to do, so that when I click on the option to select the function, intercepted a unique number and ModelID this item in the menu .. And now, if the item modelid example is 2 then something dzieje.np. if (example2 == modelid) (/ / some code here return 1;)

15/10/2009, 10:21 PM
Sorry for the spam .. I wanted to do this:

( = { !!

if (dialogid == 2202)
if (response)
/* and here:*/ if (modelid == number)
return 1;

But to the levying of a digit:


How the picture is [Unique ID] [name name] [Here is the Lich .. or here: 0]

number = this : [Here is the Lich .. or here

Unless you understand what I mean?

Except that these "items on the menu is a different number .. Now you are slightly brightened.
Please help:)

16/10/2009, 05:16 AM
I don't think that anybody could understand you. I don't understand you either. But I can try to guess anyway. Are you trying to get the UID from the response? Because I see that it is the way you want to get the selected item.

16/10/2009, 11:57 AM
Yes, I am trying to obtain the UID from the response. This question, whether you are with the LS-RP.net?

Jeżeli tak to możemy mówić po Polsku :)

16/10/2009, 12:09 PM
Yes, I am, but we can't speak polish here.

You can try to extract the ID from the response. It won't be so difficult.

16/10/2009, 12:11 PM
No więc nie mówmy po Polsku.
So you can extract the UID of choice, what do you mean? Alternatively, write in Polish to the PW.

30/08/2011, 10:42 AM
Please use [ pawn ] and [ / pawn ] Without the spaces