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18/10/2009, 09:01 PM
can someone please tell me how to make a DM zone where you can fight and when you go out of that zone your weapons will be deleted.

maybe a code? :-[ :-[

21/10/2009, 09:53 AM
new dm_zone[MAX_PLAYERS];

if(strcmp("/stunt", cmdtext, true, 10) == 0) // your other commads
if(dm_zone[playerid] == 1) // This query must always be in each command, unless you want to have weapons with which he and other commands
dm_zone[playerid] = 0;
return 1;
return 1;

if (strcmp("/dm", cmdtext, true, 10) == 0) // Dm command
GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, 26,64);
GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, 28,264);
GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, 30,264);
dm_zone[playerid] = 1;
return 1;

09/03/2012, 01:15 AM
can you please help me please
i made a Stunt server so i kno how to make a dm but i want to make a dm zone so when you teleport to the dm zone the stunts cars and evreything will be delet and when you leave the dm zone the evreything is back
and when you die in dm zone you respawn ther
if your not in dm zone you cant see the dm zone i mean the map of the dm zone will not be found in stunts zone can someone please help me ?