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10/01/2010, 02:24 PM
I used the GTA-RP script as a main base and started to edit it. But i found out one HUGE problem. It is - adding cars.
Basically to add new buy-able cars you need to add them in Cars.cfg and change the Ownable car id's.
Instructions here:
1.st - Open cars.cfg and add your desired car. It will look something like this, but with a lot more cars:

468,2161.633789,-1162.958129,23.485666,269.882385,0,0,Dealership,Sa nchez,40000,,0,0
468,2161.842285,-1168.216796,23.485200,269.191406,3,3,Dealership,Sa nchez,40000,,0,0
468,2161.573730,-1173.019531,23.487800,275.272888,53,53,Dealership, Sanchez,40000,,0,0
481,2161.362792,-1178.229248,23.329999,268.333496,46,46,Dealership, BMX,5000,,0,0
481,2161.250488,-1182.665405,23.330099,264.850097,14,1,Dealership,B MX,5000,,0,0
481,2161.297119,-1187.682739,23.332000,267.851898,26,1,Dealership,B MX,5000,,0,0
481,2161.284912,-1192.840454,23.334999,264.963897,3,3,Dealership,BM X,5000,,0,0
// The new cars in the last line. CarID,X,Y,Z,FacingAngle,Color1,Color2,Dealership,C arName,Price,,0,0

2.st - Open Main gamemode script. Search for Ownable:

public IsAnOwnableCar(vehicleid)
if(vehicleid >= 184 && vehicleid <= 268) { return 1; }
return 0;

for example - if you add one more car then change 268 to 269..

When you finish this one -basicly it should work. But it don't. This discussion is for everyone who haves this problem.
The problem - It does not add any new cars. And as the last car ID what is working (267) it shows up a mysterious bus.
The most weird part - when i sit in that bus - It shows up the data (Dealership, Bike, price 5000) of the last car in cars.cfg list.
Except, it does not spawn in that coordinates.
P.s. The problem is not caused by my edits. It is the same in the original script.
Thanx for help.

31/05/2012, 12:05 PM