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Gryphus One
06/07/2011, 05:54 PM
You know that in most deathmatches, not only in Samp but also in other games, the stats system usually consists of the number of kills, number of deaths and a kill/death ratio. While this system is very simple, it also has the problem of leading regular players to stop fighting each other and instead kill newbies all the time with the purpose of increasing their kill ratios, which makes those newbies finally leave the game. And removing the stats isn't a good idea either, due to their popularity. So I have an idea for a new stats system, but as I can't script I would like to know the opinions of those who can.

In my system the numbers of kills, deaths and kill ratio still would exist but would be hidden, they would be there only for the internal operation of the script and players couldn't see them (however, admins should be able to). What all players could see instead would be a number of Kill Points (KP), Death Points (DP) and a Point Ratio (PR), and it would work like this: whenever you killed another player, you would get a number of KP's and the other player would get the same number of DP's. This number of KP's and DP's would be proportional to the kill ratio of your victim. It could be for example the kill ratio multiplied by 100, so if you killed someone with a ratio of 2 you would get 200 KP's and he would get 200 DP's, and if you killed someone with a ratio of 0.5 then only 50 points of each type would be given. So it would be like this:

KP's and DP's granted for each kill = victim's kill ratio * 100

Logically, also when committing suicide (for example when typing /kill, when falling from a high point or when being drowned), players would get a number of DP's determined by the very same formula, exactly like when being killed by another player. The only difference would be that no KP's would be granted to anyone.
And of course your Point Ratio would be the result of your KP's divided by your DP's.

This way, if you were killing newbies all the time you would get few KP's, your high kill ratio would make other players chase you to get a lot of points for themselves, and for each of your deaths you would get many DP's, so your PR would be low. On the contrary, if you were killing regulars you would get more KP's, as your kill ratio wouldn't be so high not so many players would chase you, and for each death you would get fewer DP's, so your PR would be higher.
This would be the basic layout of the system, but it also could be complemented with some other options that I have thought of:

The change in the behaviour of the players would be enhanced if we made it so when pressing Tab, the score column reflected the number of points that you would get for killing each player. This way players would know instantly who they should kill.
You know that in most dm servers, when you die you lose all the money you were carrying. Well, a possibility might be that the money that a player loses when dying (and therefore that other players can take from him) were also made proportional to his kill ratio. This way, either if you played for stats or for money, you would have a reason to kill regulars rather than newbies.
A problem that I see with this system is, that if it really ended up in regulars fighting other regulars and newbies fighting other newbies (as we wish), everyone might end up having a similar kill ratio. And in that case, players would start chasing newbies again, because the reward would be similar and they would get it more easily. So a solution could be making the number of KP's proportional not only to the kill ratio but also to the PR, because if we have two players with a similar kr, the one with the higher PR is more skilled. It could be something like this:

KP's and DP's for each kill = (victim's kr + (victim's PR * 0.4)) * 100

Of course that 0.4 is just an example and it can be any other number. My point is just to multiply the PR by a constant lower than 1 so the kr still has more weight than the PR.
A Killing Method Multiplier (KMM): normal onfoot kills could have a KMM of 1, driveby kills could be 0.4, helikills could be 0.8, whereas fist kills could be 2 for example. So it would be like this:

KP's and DP's for each kill = (victim's kr + (victim's PR * 0.4)) * 100 * KMM

This could be a very versatile tool: for example if in your server everyone were using sawnoff shotguns and you wanted some people to use normal pump shotgun, you could assign a higher KMM to that weapon. Also, Rustler kills could have a high KMM because killing with Rustlers is very hard.
And finally, a Lag Multiplier (LM) that would give you more points for killing laggers while you not lagging yourself than viceversa. The LM formula could be this:

LM = (killer's fps / victim's fps) * (victim's ping / killer's ping)

so it would be like this:

KP's and DP's for each kill = (victim's kr + (victim's PR * 0.4)) * 100 * KMM * LM

This would discourage players from purposely increasing their lag to become harder to kill, and instead would reward those with good computers and connections that provide a smoother gameplay. Of course, this Lag Multiplier would apply ONLY when a player killed another, and NOT when someone committed suicide, because obviously there would be no other player killing him. In that case, the dead player would get a number of DP's determined by the previous formulas, and no KP's would be granted to anyone.

So any opinions on this? what's the feasibility of all of this?

Skylar Paul
06/07/2011, 06:08 PM
what's the feasibility of all of this?

All of it seems possible, minus the "lagger kill" part; You cannot get their FPS as far as I'm aware; If you can, then by all means, attempt to create this, because it's a unique idea!

EDIT: I stand corrected. http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=172202&highlight=GetPlayerFPS

Luka P.
06/07/2011, 07:08 PM
I replied on your e-mail about this. Please read it.

Gryphus One
06/07/2011, 09:18 PM
Another interesting addition regarding the KMM could be to assign a higher KMM to walking weapons (like Deagle, pump shotgun, Spaz and MP5) over running weapons (like Uzi, Tec9 and sawnoff): many people like walking weapons, but using them in servers that have both kinds of weapons is usually a disadvantage because it's harder to kill with ww when everyone else is using rw, so almost everyone ends up using rw in those servers, reducing the variety of the weapons used. Those people who like ww explain the success of San Fierro Rumble, a server based solely on ww, but I don't like to remove rw from servers because it's another thing that goes against the variety of the game (and it's variety indeed one of the main things that make Samp such a great game), so increasing the KMM of ww would encourage some players to use those weapons while others using rw, and thus would bring more variety to the game.

06/07/2011, 09:22 PM
I like this idea, its on my todo list. basing the money reward off of this system would be the best way to utilize it.

02/10/2011, 01:12 PM
Lag multiplier is so sexy, I might add that one in.

Average lag?

(Killer Ping + Player Ping) / 2 = average.

Gryphus One
02/10/2011, 01:14 PM
Average lag?

(Killer Ping + Player Ping) / 2 = average.

Yeah but remember that also fps have to do with lag.