View Full Version : SendClientMessage fails to work in some threaded queries. Why?

17/07/2011, 04:41 AM
It's only happening on my ban coding.

When a player connects, first it checks if they're on an exception list, then it checks if they're namebanned, then range banned, then IP banned. All of those are checked in threaded queries, the problem is that the player who gets banned doesn't receive a ban message via SendClientMessage. They join then it says shows for them "Server has closed connection."

I tried delaying the actual kick from the server by using SetTimerEx, but the strings kept getting messed up in Linux.

Before I threaded the queries, it worked fine, but i noticed the server would hang if two joined together, now that doesn't happen.

17/07/2011, 04:43 AM
the server would hang? are you using the correct .so with your host.

it seems your using volt right? are you using the CentOS plugin?

i call about 3 queries when a player connects. one to check name/ip ban.. one to check account.. one to check ip.. i don't get any problems on my side.

17/07/2011, 08:55 AM
The plugin version is fine, it normally hangs after two players connect at the same time as one leaves, during ban evade checks. Threading the queries has fixed this problem, but now the ban details won't send to the player. Before they were threaded they worked perfectly, but now after threading them, if a player is ban evading, it only shows Server has closed connection. Instead of showing the details of the ban.

I'm using Strickenkid's plugin, this problem also happened when I used g_stylez plugin.

30/09/2011, 11:44 AM
I also have the same issue. Seems that the player somehow gets kicked before the messages arrive to them. Sorry for the huge bump though. I fixed this through a timer.