View Full Version : Player doesen't spawn?

10/10/2011, 04:54 PM
if(strcmp(inputtext, dj(File, "Password", 40), true) == 0)
SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTGREEN, "You are now logged in, press spawn!");

PVar[playerid][pKills] = djInt (File, "Kills");
PVar[playerid][pDeaths] = djInt (File, "Deaths");
PVar[playerid][pLevel] = djInt (File, "Level");
PVar[playerid][pMuted] = djInt (File, "Muted");
PVar[playerid][pSkin] = djInt (File, "Skin");
PVar[playerid][pMoney] = djInt (File, "Money");
print("Passed Money");
PVar[playerid][pTut] = djInt (File, "Tut");
print("Passed TUT");
PVar[playerid][pLeader] = djInt (File, "Leader");
print("Passed LEADER");
format(PVar[playerid][pMutedReason], 52, "%s", dj(File, "MutedReason"));

PVar[playerid][pLastX] = djFloat (File, "LastX");
PVar[playerid][pLastY] = djFloat (File, "LastY");
PVar[playerid][pLastZ] = djFloat (File, "LastZ");
print("Passed position saving");
print("Passed spawn!")

It goes through everything and i added the spawnplayer myself.. Why wont it go anywhere? Added a print to requestclass and it didnt work. It doesent move on to anywhere from there.

10/10/2011, 04:57 PM
Never mind I got it working, had some other noobish stuff :D